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Lee Jun-ki kuangshuai 30 pounds a pig leg! It’s enough for male stars to lose weight (video) yo te amo

Lee Jun-ki kuangshuai 30 pounds a pig leg! Male stars have also reduced fat enough to fight who said that only female star will because the storm thin and hot search, you know, this male stars are also reduced from fertilizer to fight super family, this is not, Lee Jun-ki was also found recently and thin from a phase, is said to play because of "startling step by step & middot; Li" caused too much. This isn’t really a trick! However, in wonder at the same time, caused a hot and he was thin stature, but the face became thin super V awl face, body care is skinny vu, was also making fans very worried, have a message "much thinner, distressed, skinny, multi eat ah". It can be said that Lee Jun-ki is one of the first korean. 2005 due to two works in the mainland became popular, one is the movie "king of men", a drama "my girl" Elmar! And the age of exposure. "King’s man" that time is really fresh and sexy coexist! "Iljimae" although originally pointed faces, but before Lee Jun-ki cheeks but meat toot, want to know that captured the hearts of many girls. Classic review these Obama now compared to photo too "half"! In the drama "·" startling step by step; Li, Lee Jun-ki staged a big change, by half of the face up face value, and in order to make his own four princes to be more in line with the director, look sharp, he was filming within half a year to lose weight, a total reduction of 30 pounds. Finally, lean into the awl face. 30 pounds, ah, a pig legs ah! We feel the next! Look at the tip of the Obama sharp chin, is simply to break the rhythm of the screen! Compared to eating whale truth, IU is very thin, Obama told her to stand together, do not delay to "face the terminator" although people are eating melon blind Obama pointed chin jab, individual users actually also McCain snake male"!!! However, to tell the truth, Xiao Bian as a way to see him thin down the fans really said it hurts! Excessive weight loss, for ordinary people is an unhealthy pursuit. But for the stars, the choice to eat 30 pounds, or thin weight of 30 pounds, often a role of the difference. 2017 spring and summer Milan Fashion Week: Max Mara palm elements bring different customs相关的主题文章: