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Langfang Yinmo vicious robbery rape a number of women raped-innawoods

Langfang "Yinmo" vicious robbery rape a number of women raped data figure the Great Wall net Langfang on November 11th news (reporter Sun Zeheng correspondent Wang Penglei) November 11th, the the Great Wall reporter from the Langfang Municipal Bureau of the Anci Public Security Bureau was informed that, after careful investigation, in one fell swoop this summer to come, a series of robbery, rape suspects arrested Liu XX, cracked series of robbery, rape 5. Since 2016 of July, the Anci area of a number of vicious knife robbery, rape case. For a time, all kinds of rumors, the area residents panic spread. Anci police to strengthen street patrol prevention and control at the same time, set up a task force to the police brigade as the main force for tackling detection. The ad hoc group carefully combing each clue to the case, the transfer of the massive video monitoring. After a lot of hard work, in September 21st successfully cracked declared a robbery, rape case, the suspect declared a the night trailing single women, and a knife robbery, rape confessed to the crime. After the police cracked the case, immediately on the recent incidence of such cases again carried out and dig "Yinmo" crimes, and strive to expand the detection results. When the police found that compared to other number of robberies, rape victims, criminal suspects feature description and suspects an existence certain discrepancy, which caused the attention of the police task force, and others should guess the possibility of crime. At this time, the occurrence of a vicious robbery, rape directly confirms the police judgment: there is another night with the crime "Yinmo". October 3rd at 3 am, the area west of the bridge to the police station to turn the police said: Liu Moumou victim in a certain area was hijacked by a man with a knife, the man was raped and was robbed of a mobile phone. According to the victim, the suspect 27, up and down the age of 8, exercise the northern accent, short hair, slim body. After learning the case, not missing a single detail, did not miss any possibility, describe the characteristics and trajectory of crime suspects, the task force large-scale, intensive and obtain a surveillance video covering Guangyang District Anci District, nearly 100 positions. In the work of the project team members to the computer desk for a day, all eyes staring at a frame image on the screen, patiently searching for anything suspicious. Just a few days, the monitoring task force has access to a total length of nearly 20 thousand minutes, the scope of 20 square kilometers, more than 400 camera probe. Hard work pays off. Through the comparison of massive video screening, the police found a man riding electric car has a major crime suspects, the victim suspects clues build their dress and "2016.10.3" in the case of the very similar. However, the need to solve the case is 100% accurate, tolerate no doubt. To this end, the police to the man as the main object of investigation, continue to expand the scope of the investigation, found that the man’s main range of activities is a village within the jurisdiction of the city. Police investigators in this village in the vicinity of the city for more than a week of secret visits, and finally in the village to see the door of an Internet cafe and electric car ride in the monitoring of the characteristics of the men.相关的主题文章: