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Kunlun world wide real control of the shares of the owner took 7 billion of the market value of the tonya mitchell

Kunlun World Wide Web control who shares the boss took 7 billion market hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you find each reporter Ceng Jian Wanda Group boss Wang Jianlin guest TV show you a first set of a can achieve small goals, such as making it one hundred million ", triggered heated discussions in the community. Every investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2) noted that this sentence for some of the listed company boss behind the woman does not seem to apply. According to the Kunlun World Wide Web (300418, closing price of 25.33 yuan) 12 days after the closing announcement, the actual control of the company’s wife Zhou Yahui one-time from where Zhou Yahui walked more than the market value of 7 billion yuan. Kunlun world wide since the successful listing in early 2015, the company’s actual controller Zhou Yahui personal wealth continues to rise. Up to now, he holds the stock market value has more than 15 billion yuan. But a division of property, let the asset called fold. According to the Kunlun announcement that the notice of the company on September 9th the company received the actual controller, chairman Zhou Yahui, Zhou and his wife Ms. Li Qiong Yahui shares segmentation reached relevant content. According to the "Beijing Haidian District people’s Court Civil Mediation", Zhou Yahui will directly hold 207 million shares of Kunlun web segmentation transfer to the name of Li Qiong, Zhou Yahui will hold its Yingrui century paid in capital of 946 thousand and 400 yuan transfer to Li Qiong name segmentation. The Kunlun prospectus, the Ying Rui century investment amounted to 2 million 575 thousand yuan, as a general partner, Zhou Yahui invested 2 million 317 thousand and 500 yuan, holding 90%; Li Qiong as a limited partner invested 257 thousand and 500 yuan, holding 10%. With these changes in investment, Li Qiong’s stake has more than 46%. Ying Rui century holds 200 million shares of the world wide web of Kunlun, Li Qiong, through the division of the surplus capital paid in the Swiss century, the indirect access to the Kunlun world wide web of the shares of the 70 million 543 thousand and 600. Since the date of the transfer of ownership, the shares owned by Li Qiong. In other words, Li Qiong overwhelmed the total will take over from the hands of the Kunlun World Wide Web shares 278 million shares to the listed company on the 12 day of the closing price of $25.33 calculation, this part of the equity value of more than 7 billion yuan ($). Prior to the transfer of the shares in the split, Li Qiong through the profit of the indirect holding Kunlun World Wide Web 20 million 40 thousand and 800 shares, the shareholding ratio of 1.7780%. After the split share transfer, Li Qiong directly holds 207 million shares of the world wide web in Kunlun, through the profit of the Swiss century indirectly holds a total of $90 million 584 thousand and 500; Kunlun total holds the world wide web of Kunlun shares, representing 26.4361% of the total share capital of the World Wide Web in. However, this change does not endanger the interests of Zhou Yahui’s actual controller position. After the split 278 million shares, Zhou Yahui directly holds the world wide web of Kunlun shares of 188 million. However, as a general partner of the Swiss century, the indirect control of the company owns 200 million shares of the world wide web in Kunlun. Overall, Zhou Yahui is still in total control of Kunlun 3.89 on the World Wide Web相关的主题文章: