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Kahani Chandrakanta Ki-borderland

Movies-TV Kahani Chandrakanta Ki A saga of magic, secrets, intrigue and deceit, and above all true love Going Live from Monday, 6th June, Every Monday to Friday at 8 p.m and 10.30 p.m on Sahara One Television. This June, Sahara One brings to its viewers one of the greatest stories in modern Hindi literature Kahani Chandrakanta Ki inspired from Babu Devki Nandan Khatris novel, CHANDRAKANTA SANTATI. Kahani Chandrakanta Ki will begin telecast on Sahara One from Monday, 6th June 2011 at 8 PM and 10.30 PM, every Monday to Friday. .ments the Director Producer Sunil Agnihotri, Sahara One has a very strong reach in India, especially in the Hindi speaking belt. It has some very good shows on air. Besides, people at helm in Sahara are very supportive and have given me .plete creative freedom. Together, we shall be able to create another landmark. It is the love story of Shiv Dutts daughter Kishori and Chandrakantas son Indrajeet. Because of the family feud it will have an overload of adventure with magical twists & turns. This fantasy drama is bringing to life the super successful characters of princess Chandrakanta, Kroor Singh, Pundit Jagannath, Badrinath etc under the banner of Sunil Agnihotri Production. Kahani Chandrakanta Ki takes a leap to the next generation, a generation where love grows amidst intrigue and dark secrets. However, as fate would have it, this love takes seed in the same earth that has been seeped with the poison of hatred and conspiracy through the ages. Chunargarh and Shivgarh have been at loggerheads since time immemorial. But destiny has a different plan to take this enmity to an entirely different dimension, when Kunwar Inderjit Singh, the Prince of Chunargarh and Princess Kishori of Shivgarh fall in love. The path is not as easy as it seems. King Shivdutt of Shivgarh, Princess Kishoris father is burning in the fire of revenge to get back his love Chandrakanta, as well as the kingdom of Chunargarh itself. Shivdutt collects his allies and starts planning his strategy to get back his love and empire. An ace in the art of politics and warfare, Pandit Jagannath, and the warriors Badrinath, Nayantara and Bhavani Singh, form a formidable army. On the other hand, the King of Chunargarh, Virendra Pratap Singh is also preparing to destroy Shivgarh for the last time. With a team of fearsome warriors, politicians, and mata haris, the ace in his sleeve is Abhimanyu the master spy. The chief of Virendra Singhs army, Paramvir Singh with Tej Singh and two beautiful magical mata haris, Chapla and Padmini have readied a strategy for war against Shivgarh. The war clouds are rolling in, and there is one man who can change the stakes of the game, a loyalist of Virendra Pratap Singh, Chandilal who revolts and joins Shivdutt. Amidst all this, Kroor Singh of Chunargarh is doing everything possible to make the two kingdoms fight, so he can get the beautiful Princess Chandrakanta. In Kahani Chandrakanta Ki, the lead character of princess Chandrakanta is played by Shikha Swaroop. Vindu Dara Singh is playing the character of Abhimanyu while Pundit Jagannath is portrayed by Rajendra Gupta. Puneet Issar will be seen in the character of Shiv Dutt, Mamik as Badrinath, Kruttika Desai will be Naintara, Rupa Ganguly as Roopmati, Arjun will be seen as Tej Singh, Nishigangha Wad plays Kalavati, Santosh Shukla as Virendra Singh, Sonia Rakkar as Padmini, Vinod Kapoor as Chandi and Shailendra Singh plays Kroor Singh. Wel.e to a world of magic, secrets, intrigue and deceit, and above all fantasy and true loveas Kahani Chandrakanta Ki goes live from 6th June, Monday to Friday at 8 p.m on Sahara One! Wel.e to the world of Chandrakanta KAHANI CHANDRAKANTA KI Starting Monday, 6th June at 8 pm and 10.30 p.m, Monday Friday, Only on Sahara One Television. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: