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Arts-and-Entertainment John Haley (also known as John Charles Haley) was born in 1905 in Minneapolis. He had the flair for drawing right from his childhood and he had already begun to publish his drawings in the school journals and magazines. John Haley enrolled at the Minneapolis school of arts after graduating out for four years. However, during the 1920s, John could focus only on the conservative manner of painting. The formal training on Beau Arts tradition enabled him to go into the big league. He was .missioned to create a portrait for a lumber tycoon in Minneapolis. He created the portrait of T.B. Walker, who founded the Walker Art center. The portrait was .pleted and hung at the hall of Fame city hall. Haley graduated from the Minneapolis school of Arts in 1927. John Haley also received the Ethel Morrison Van Derlip scholarship before he had graduated and the scholarship enabled him to go to Europe to receive higher training in arts and painting. He also received a scholarship and .mission from T.B. Walker, his career was soon on the upward curve. The defining moment of his career came when he traveled to Europe with his mentor Cameron Booth and visited the art capitals. In Paris, Haley met the Minneapolis Arts school teacher Vaclav Vytlacil who encouraged him to study under the German modernist Hans Hoffman. This inspired Haley to go to Munich and study under Hans Hoffman. Quickly enough Haley picked up the tricks of the trade and learnt about the cubist forms. He became one of the most favorite and acclaimed students of Hoffman. The stint under Hoffman did Haley a world of good and actually became a turning point in his career. He carried back the skills to Minneapolis and consolidated his knowledge. Many of the John Haley paintings are based on the wonderful lessons he had picked up from Hans Hoffman. Haley had a wonderful exhibition of his paintings at Mills College Gallery in California in 1931. The title of the group exhibition was given as The .plete Development of Modern Painting: from Ma. to Hans Hofmann. This exhibition was the showcase of John Haley paintings and enthralled the laymen and the critics alike. Haley also conducted an exhibition at the Art center in San Francisco in which he gave an exhibition of temperas and 19 watercolors. The exhibition proved conclusively that John Haley paintings had really begun to make a mark in the world of arts and he was a serious artist who needed to be taken seriously. Haley had an irresistible thirst for knowledge and that took him to various parts of the world in the search of more knowledge in the world of art. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: