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Jing Haipeng space when farmers grow lettuce cultivation device from 3D printing – Sohu Military Cha yuanjiao

The Jing Haipeng space when farmers lettuce cultivation device from the 3D print – Sohu Military Channel text with map: November 11th, Xinhua News Agency correspondent, space astronaut Jing Haipeng (right) in the case of Tiangong two plant cultivation in space. This is the astronaut cabin view in the temple of white unit cultivated plants. Text with map: November 11th, Xinhua News Agency correspondent, space astronaut Jing Haipeng in Tiangong two introduced plant cultivation in space conditions. This is the astronaut cabin in the temple to take care of cultivated plants. The Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Temple No. two, November 13 Chinese in space for the first time when the vegetable cultivation device part from the 3D print hello! Today (November 11th) is the Shenzhou eleven flight group into the assembly for twenty-fourth days. I am a special correspondent of Xinhua news agency, astronaut Jing Haipeng. I heard a lot of friends concerned about us in the temple planting lettuce, today I will talk about the specific. [the astronaut Center Environmental Control Associate Paul graduate Wang Longji commentary: choice of cultivation of lettuce for the following reasons: one is the growth cycle of lettuce is a month, this time on time is just 30 days; two is planted lettuce on the ground is relatively mature; Three Edible lettuce, in subsequent experiments in orbit can be used as ingredients; four lettuce is people common plants, is conducive to the popularization of. Today is to do some routine care work, mainly to detect the cultivation of the substrate moisture content, nutrient content, light irradiation and the injection of air into the matrix into the air. We have an instrument to measure the moisture content, if the index is low, it means that the need to water lettuce. The air is injected into the fresh air for the growth of the plant. We are like "farmers" in space, taking at least 10 minutes a day to take care of lettuce. In addition, the use of space for lettuce matrix and ground soil is not the same, we are using vermiculite. [Wang Longji commentary: vermiculite is a mineral water, it is very good, in which the water conduction is very uniform, even if there is gravity in the ground, to the adsorption are very smooth; in addition it density is small light weight, easy to carry god. Plant cultivation is in the beginning of the second day we enter the assembly, first we need to install the cultivation device, like building blocks, the device assembly into a white box. Wang Longji explained: white device firmware is 3D printing, are nylon material, relatively lightweight, white and green formed a sharp contrast, visual effect is also very good. It has two components, one for measuring soil moisture and nutrient parameters, and the other used to measure photosynthesis in plants at the later stage of growth. Then we’ll water and seed. Before God, a part of the seed has been placed in a white cell, which is a specially treated pelleted seed. Because the seed of lettuce is smaller than sesame seed, in order to facilitate us to sow, the experts made a layer of coating outside, make it and mung bean grain almost相关的主题文章: