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Jiaxing young man drunk lying down on the road in the morning was rolling-candy boy

Jiaxing boy midnight drunk lying on the ground lying in the road car was rolling when it comes to drunk, really is what wonderful things to have, or yesterday (November 13th) morning, a young man was drunk and fell on the roadside spit, unexpectedly, a car directly in front of the boy had a hit in the past half a body, boy as to the pressure of the car, it is hanging by a thread. Received a report, our reporter immediately rushed past. More than 9 o’clock in the morning, our reporter saw a wounded Xiao Hu, Hu also big fortune, just finished the examination, sitting in a wheelchair, can play, arms and face have obvious bruises, Hu told us that when one or two in the morning, he and his friends drinking wine from Mei Wan Street. A bar, just out of the bar, wine on the table, Hu quickly lying on a tree and throw up, just throwing up, behind a car actually directly to Hu. Hu: drinking wine in the bar, squatted beside the tree spit, the man opened a car over, my friend with me, my friend stood there, hands on his strokes, told him not to open not open, he continued, I head back look, he hit the accelerator over, I was lying under his car. At that time, the scene can be Hu Hu and Hu’s friends are scared, Hu’s entire body has been pressed in the car of the car underground, but fortunately the wheels have not rolled up, Hu saved a life. Then, with the help of the traffic police and friends, we use the jack up the car, only to pull out of the small, quickly sent to the hospital. We also found that the reporter after the car driver Zhang Zhang: I just the driver friend in the intersection, then that’s where I fell off the head, just a head start on the pressure to the injured, the injured here before the accident, before the pressure that he was a drunk under the condition of lying under the tree, we just started turning a blind spot, and then press the past. Zhang this point will be out of the car to drink it? Zhang said he didn’t drink. Driver Zhang: did not drink that night, ah, I did not, because I was in the KTV as a waiter, I can not drink, so I was so open. However, the unexpected is that this Zhang was born in 1998, only 18 years old this year, there is no driver’s license, suspected of driving without a license. The city traffic police detachment directly under the brigade accident squadron of police Zhang Ning: he didn’t pass the exam, the driving technology are not familiar with, do not understand, it is certainly harmful, we must remind especially young driving without a license, because this is not only harm themselves, or harm each other.相关的主题文章: