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Jiangxi Taihe bridge bridge collapse was characterized as the incident is the demolition of new netw coscoqd

Jiangxi Taihe bridge bridge collapse is defined as the time of the incident is removed – Beijing September 11th 9:17 in the morning, the old bridge in Jiangxi Province Taihe County Taihe bridge occurred in the construction process of demolition collapsed, the partial collapse of the bridge fell into the river. Collapse caused by the construction enterprise staff of 8 water, of which 5 were rescued and rushed to the Taihe County Hospital for emergency treatment, the remaining 3 people are still unaccounted for search and rescue, the cause of the accident is under investigation. It is understood that the collapse of the bridge is located in Taihe Ganjiang River on the bridge and the old bridge, once for the county to 319 National Highway and the only way which must be passed, the last century was completed, a total length of 828 meters. BYD reporter from Taihe County Committee Propaganda Department was informed that the bridge accident earlier because of the use of a longer time, not suitable to continue to use, after experts were characterized as a dangerous bridge. When the accident occurred, the bridge had been abandoned and no longer accessible. The time of the incident, the construction enterprises are responsible for demolition of the old bridge, the old bridge demolition blasting of Jiangxi Rongda new blasting technology development Co. ltd.. BYD reporter yesterday contacted the staff of the company, the staff said, the company is involved in handling the accident scene, the collapse of the old bridge in the past few days early mechanical removal, no blasting. Driving through the bridge Taihe Mr. Huang witnessed the collapse of the incident, he BYD reporters said that his car was still far away from the bridge, vaguely see the buildings collapsed, because far away did not hear the sound. Drove to the nearby found collapsed is being dismantled and bridge. "When I arrived around has been full of people, because the old bridge is a new bridge next to the bridge, there are many passing vehicles. From the bridge to see the construction of the car down, when someone in the construction." Another eyewitness told reporters BYD, the bridge across the river without bridge near the village of Taihe County directly connected. Eyewitness video display, the old bridge collapsed before the bridge construction vehicle is operating, the bridge side suddenly began to collapse, then the rapid collapse of the whole bridge into the river, the bridge part of debris falling into the Ganjiang River, the water splashes and the almost same height near the surface of the water spray, stop the vessel. BYD reporter from Taihe County Committee Propaganda Department was informed that the incident on the bridge is full of construction personnel and machinery. At present, the accident caused a total of 5 people were injured and 3 people unaccounted for. Local efforts to rescue the wounded, and search lost contact personnel. According to people involved in the rescue scene, preliminary investigation is in the process of dismantling the old bridge collapsed, the scene of the accident found that the vehicle was buried, two excavators and after eight rounds of a car (dumpers) including the staff work together to fall. BYD reporter linked to the local Chinese Taihe County hospital staff said 5 wounded were sent to the hospital treatment. The injured said in an interview at the time of the incident, he was on the bridge construction work, is mainly responsible for handling the stone on the bridge, he was severely injured, the injured are the other vehicle driver, and for more than a month. It is understood that the injured are mainly trauma and fractures, two injured column相关的主题文章: