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It is more realistic to recognize the reality than to recognize the reality tianbi

It is more realistic to recognize the "compromise" than to recognize the reality, the fact that Sohu technology is not willing to believe the rules of compromise in the eyes of a naturally proud company. After that word in the nuts on the mobile phone, hammer CTO before money morning have been explicitly expressed their love not only compromise, compromise (compromise). Yesterday at the TechCrunch forum, the product director Zhu Xiaomu hammer from the point of view of the software designer tells the story behind the M1 phone. After a year, the hammer for the first time in their products on the use of the word "compromise". Zhu Xiaomu introduction, before the release of M1, the hammer inside the product to score low, mainly due to industrial design is not satisfied. To their surprise, after the release of mobile phone is actually the company has the best mobile phone. Although there is no M1 related sales data, but the feedback from the social network perspective, public opinion much praise for this new attempt to enhance the mobile phone in the hardware configuration and software interaction, and design and workmanship of the dispute from mediocrity. M1 and T series, process design has some compromises, which is why the ‘M’ rather than ‘T’, M1 is the main performance and configuration. Zhu Xiaomu said that as a small business, want to achieve mass production, the design must have some compromise. We don’t want to die, therefore there is a need for a product line to make up for the problem. It is not difficult to recognize the reality, it is difficult to recognize themselves, and openly recognize themselves. At the press conference, Luo Yonghao also admitted that the phone is similar to the front design of iPhone helpless, especially as a design driven company, faced with this situation is more embarrassing. After the media took office in May this year, the hardware is responsible for Wu Dezhou how he persuaded Luo Yonghao: I said to him, or you keep "WuShaMao", unlike the iPhone but we will call you ugly, but do not buy; or you get rid of "black hat", while being scolded like iPhone but you can sell. Wu Dezhou believes that, as a commercial product, it is not too important to challenge mainstream aesthetics than like iPhone. Luo Yonghao’s change is surprising, Wu Dezhou today’s evaluation of the president of the United States: he is also constantly self-improvement, more pragmatic than before, more respect for the rules of the business of the.            相关的主题文章: