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Investigation and Thinking on maize market in Heilongjiang area!-3u8813

Investigation and Thinking on maize market in Heilongjiang area! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The camber of corn to the progress of Heilongjiang city is located at fourth Helen is the product of temperate Liandaowan area, suitable for the growth of soybean, is an important area of our country this year’s grain planting structure adjustment, it is also the author pay more attention to a station. This year Helen positive response to the national soybean support plan, and formulate the corresponding Helen soybean revival plan, according to Helen Municipal Grain Bureau official, this year Helen, grain planting a total area of 4 million 650 thousand acres, of which 1 million 570 thousand acres of corn, the successful implementation of corn planting area reduced by 540 thousand mu (2015), representing a decrease of 25.6%; 2016 soybean planting the planting area of 2 million 100 thousand acres, 400 thousand acres increased (compared to 2015), an increase of 23.53%; and vigorously develop grain mushroom, potato and other crops. It is understood that this year the state of large-scale corn grow soybeans gave additional subsidies, subsidies for planting area of 200 acres or more, the amount of subsidy of 150 yuan per mu, it will also greatly promote the soybean planting area increased. This year is expected to achieve 1 million 160 thousand tons of corn production, rice production of 740 thousand tons, soybean production of 390 thousand tons, which is worth mentioning that soybean production rose by nearly compared to 2015. The future development of Grain Bureau Helen plan will continue to promote the Helen soybean grain bureau has been established, to promote the soybean industry development center ", and discuss the implementation of" opinions "of selenium enriched soybean industry. In order to promote Helen selenium rich soybean, expand trade scale, Helen will set up a bulk electronic platform of the soybean trade more efficient, convenient, in the promotion of relevant policies is expected in 2017 will continue to increase the soybean planting area. The planting benefit for planting structure adjustment according to the Helen Municipal Grain Bureau stakeholders to provide the crop planting benefit of agricultural products in 2016 shows the area of soybean planting net income of 452.4 yuan per mu, 421 yuan per mu of corn, rice 796 yuan per mu (excluding subsidies), we welcome the region found that soybean planting income is close to and more than corn. This point to promote the planting structure has great significance to improve the work. In the promotion of planting income expectations, replant corn will work more smoothly. In addition to the soybean, the government guide farmers wells cited groundwater in the paddy field, and the importance of cultivating local guniang, such as sorghum, potatoes, vegetables and other advantages of economic crops to improve farmers’ income, planting structure reform is to promote everything in good order and well arranged in the local. The cost of planting soybeans per mu segments, the total cost of 267.6 yuan per mu, the seeds of 25.6 yuan per mu, 52 yuan per mu of pesticide and fertilizer, foliar fertilizer 25 yuan per mu, tractor costs 105 yuan per mu, 60 yuan per mu of artificial, according to local production this year after an average yield of 300 pounds per acre in the calculation of cost per kilogram of soybean 0.892 yuan per catty (own, hair grain). Corn per acre total cost of 470 yuan per mu, of which 60 yuan per mu of seed, fertilizer相关的主题文章: