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Interview with Ting Mei children and ice cream is the philosophy of life of 40+ women (video) acbel

Interview with Ting Mei: children and ice cream is the life philosophy of 40+ women do you want to be forty years old, want to be like? To have someone who loves you and to love with a good attitude. Can handle kitchen meters, also can proudly in the world. Do not refuse to challenge themselves, to face the years. Take life as good, bad, it. At first glance, it seems a little far, but Ting Mei is not anxious to do all the slow. A dozen years ago, she is still the "don’t talk to strangers" "weak girl", and now it is "Superman" in his mother is ridicule is a little fat black mother. In the end how to live elegant but still vivid? These secrets, finally seemed to see her when one opened. Si Lin (CÉ LINE) Beijing SKP boutique opening reception of the body of a (CÉ LINE) wine red knit suit, just cut the handsome short hair but in the body of the silk of the aesthetic sense of the body of the aesthetic of Ting Mei Ting Mei. Sweet ice cream color to create a refreshing summer Joe Chen perfect fashion is not complicated but are all pendants, laminated texture, Kathleen (CÉ LINE) design concept of simplicity is not simple, it seems and Ting Mei hit it off. "Celine is the concept of modern minimalist modern art, I think the most fit the first is simple, I love simple modern style, the art would not have said, because I was doing the art industry, of course I love, as for the modern, my understanding is that it contains elegant and stylish, so I feel the whole the Celine brand with my style, temperament and preferences are very consistent, I think Celine is one of my life and work in the preferred brand." Whether it is the vitality of the red and blue eyes jump into color, black and white or handsome capable Suit or intellectual, elegant white skirt suit, Ting Mei put Celine on a soft spot, consummate control. Attended the Celine show, wearing Celine type silkworm graffiti style dress, bold colors and warm! Ting Mei dressed in a white skirt debut twentieth meters Celine Awards Red Carpet show their intellectual woman temperament, gentle and charming. Unlike the models wearing baggy, freaky Ting Mei will give this LOOK white spirit, shape a better Ting Mei Wen Ya intellectual temperament. A black-and-white Celine Celine unveiled at the Paris show, simple and neat, red queen Sunglasses domineering side leakage. Tencent fashion: what do you think women who wear Celine should be? Ting Mei: I think wearing Celine women are very independent, intellectual, pay attention to quality and very elegant, Celine very simple lines, wearing Celine women should also be very free and easy. Tencent fashion: do you worry about going out to wear? Ting Mei: of course, I would worry about, because I often go out to wear what they have some small troubles, these troubles because I want to wear something interesting, want to match more personality. But I think Celine’s white shirt is a artifact, that is, you wear it whether it is a formal occasion, or very casual.相关的主题文章: