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In winter, the taste of happiness, in the ingenuity produced this eight word Hongzhuangyuan – Sohu and ingenuity produced the taste of happiness "has become synonymous with the Beijing new macro champion Catering Management Limited, recently a group of 2016 winter special dishes on the launch of the new macro champion restaurants…… Hongzhuangyuan R & D for food is profound, the so-called "ingenuity" is the need to have a dedicated love, need more open mind, divergent thinking, mobilize their brains, the hidden wisdom has been excavated, go out, to create a rich and colorful delicacy! Suitable for winter health needs of red bean porridge lotus warm; selection of more than 3.5 pounds of fat duck, after soaking and made soup – soup fried duck; to pass on the master Sun Lixin Chuan dishes – flowers Pepper Fried Cod, selection of imported cod achieved with fresh pepper, etc. the perfect combination…… Every detail reflects the pursuit of the quality of the people…… Beijing new macro champion Catering Management Co., has, has more than 50 restaurants throughout the capital, has been pursuing a "cultural foundation and the essence of ingenuity produced the taste of happiness", to meet people enjoying a "tongue on the trip"…… This is not only the release of Hongzhuangyuan dishes, more in accordance with the new ideas of brand planning and design new restaurant, bright and spacious stalls operating rooms, so that consumers at a glance on the process of food production, in order to meet the consumer’s pursuit of health, Hongzhuangyuan uses water purification system to ensure the full set of the taste and quality of food the…… When tomorrow turns in today, yesterday, and finally become a memory no longer important one day, suddenly found in our real growth! Macro champion 25 years of practice the strength, withstood the Beijing taste buds, while precipitation kitchen next door! "Ingenuity produced the taste of happiness", makes Hongzhuangyuan in the continuous for delicacy standards at the same time, also for the broad and profound diet culture of China profound heritage. I hope the next 25 years, the macro champion in leading China’s food culture at the same time, the interpretation of a more exciting dining legend! [flower] senior writer original delicacy signed from multi platform media columnist from the Media Authority signed the global media CCTV, Beijing Rui Crowe TV, Shaanxi TV and other invited guests to show delicacy stalls or cooperation in the public, please write a message to Sina lll1394396zd or micro-blog: Flowers delicacy kitchen guestbook oh相关的主题文章: