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Hungry small white bear – maternal Sohu spyair

"Hungry" small white bear – Sohu Shana and Lulu mother walking, saw the grass out of a white thing. They take a look at the past… Oh, little bear. I do not know why, the little bear in the blues. "What’s wrong?" they asked. "I’m playing, I’m hungry, I can’t go home." The little bear said. So Shana and Lulu took out their favorite snack. Shana said: "I give you." Lulu said, "I’ll give it to you." However, Little Bear looked at the snacks do not want to eat, just sit. "It is not love?" asked the little bear, sanaubar, then what kind of food do you love? "The little bear pointed to the clouds in the sky. "Do you want a small white clouds?" Shana. However, she saw the insect nets, he smiled and said: "little bear, I want to invite you to eat the clouds, come to help you?" the little bear at once to the spirit. Shanna for some sticks, tied up with rope, with good long insect net. And then… They began to catch the clouds. Catch, catch, catch a lot of small white clouds love to eat! We do together eat dumplings clouds. The clouds are a little sweet, with the sun. The little bear is very happy, Shana and Lulu was also very happy. Eat the clouds…… Shana, Lulu and little bear is lightly floating up, rising to the sky. Shana: "we are very happy in heaven adventure!" so, you made a big cloud of the ship. The boat was called the fly fly…… Playing, hungry, Shana and Lulu eat big clouds. Small bear also eat the snoring. Did not expect…… Small bear slowly changed! Shana they eat a lot of clouds, bellies bulging, can’t eat any more. However, little bear still eat it. The snoring, slowly, he eat more, eat more high. The snoring, slowly, he is more and more big, more and more. "Little bear, you eat too much, eat bad stomach!" but the small bear no answer. After a while, parapara underground began to rain. Shana and Lulu slowly fell down with the rain. Just fell on the ground, with rain, the next big, Shana and Lulu rushed to the shelter. "The rain will stop soon." The rain finally stopped, they come out to see, small white bear no see. "Perhaps the small bear is full, go home?" Shana waved to the sky, "goodbye, little bear, we play together again next time!" the author End– the children every day相关的主题文章: