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Hubei police 6 buses more than 200 people went to Guangzhou to get back more than a hundred suspects-tataufo

Hubei police 6 buses more than 200 people went to Guangzhou to catch hundreds of fraud suspects in September 13th, the Hubei police involved the police on the scene guard controls the newspaper news (reporter Xia Yi correspondent Peng Dong Liu Feifei) 6 bus car nearly a thousand kilometers, 204 Hubei police in a day from Hubei to Guangzhou, arrested 132 suspects. Yesterday, the Provincial Public Security Department announced the destruction of a large telecommunications network fraud Gang, destroyed 3 dens of crime, seized 7 vehicles, 220 sets of computer evidence, data of 30 box (bag). After preliminary examination, it has detained 53 people. It is reported that the case in Hubei this year, the police cracked the telecommunications network fraud, the suspects up to. In February 25th this year, Jingzhou public Deng 52 year old friends see drizzle fragrance "in the QQ group recommended stock master Tang Moumou", adding "Tang" to establish the QQ group. "Tang Moumou" recommended daily in the group and how to broadcast live video stocks. Two months, Mr. Deng followed the Tang Moumou operating stock did earn a lot, they gradually believe that the stock master". QQ group, Tang Moumou often send some screenshots unrelated to the stock, the contents of the information to make money to fry profitable. "Tang Moumou" group within the crowd boasted last year, he has earned a fried oil Land Rover car. Under the Tang Moumou lure, Mr. Deng on April 25th in an exchange of crude oil spot trading platform registered account, according to Tang Moumou instructions. When the beginning of the transaction, Mr. Deng has to make a loss, but the amount has not been. One day in mid May, "Tang Moumou said there will be a big market, urged Mr. Deng who joined" Wynn corps "," double guarantee commitment". The condition is that Deng Xiansheng and others have to inject 1 million yuan into the account to get to join the qualifications. Mr. Deng at this time of the "Tang" has convinced, financing four inject 1 million yuan, May 20th and 27, according to the "Tang" to guide the transaction, but soon will be 1 million yuan to There is not much left. Mr. Deng rushed to the police as if wakening from a dream. The ad hoc police investigation found that "Tang Moumou" real name Kwak, and Jo, Lee, Hou et al. Often in the vicinity of Guangzhou Baiyun District Huangpu District, activities associated with the "hengmeng investment", "noble investment", "noble electronic" 3 companies, is actually composed of Cao, Li, Hou 3 cross head. The police task force investigation of the case went to Guangzhou several times on-the-spot investigation, collect a large number of the 3 company employees to use the Internet to spot operation evidence, gradually find out the 3 company’s organizational structure and internal relations, the preliminary judgment of the 3 companies most likely are engaged in spot trading fraud company. Police investigation of the flow of funds found in Mr. Deng’s account, the platform for oil trading is an exchange, and the application is an account of a commodity trading Co., ltd.. The exchange to the members of the platform to provide access to the platform and the use of a certain percentage of transaction fees, members of the platform to be used to pay the deposit before the exchange. If the customer losses, the exchange will deposit refunded to members; if the customer profitability, ensure the exchange will deduct the amount paid.相关的主题文章: