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Hubei nine departments jointly combat crimes involving medical with illegal control equipment-imjpmig

Hubei nine departments jointly combat crimes involving medical   with illegal control equipment into the hospital will be arrested in Hubei, people.com.cn Channel original title: illegal belt control apparatus in the hospital will be arrested the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Wu Wei Wang Fang) I will crack down for a period of 1 years, crimes involving the medical special action. Recently, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission, the provincial comprehensive management office, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and other nine departments jointly issued a "crack down on crimes involving the medical special action plan". The province’s public security system will be severely hit and severely punish all kinds of harm to the safety of medical staff, disrupting medical order and other criminal acts involving doctors. One is to implement the behavior of medical staff is hurt, to take decisive measures to resolutely stop, to use weapons, when necessary to illegally carry weapons; control appliances into medical institutions, once found all administrative detention; to assault medical personnel, medical institutions seriously disrupt the order, to the public security management punishment or criminal responsibility. The two levels Procuratorate of the medical injury cases to be accepted in a timely manner, strengthen cooperation with public security organs, judicial organs, detective fast complaints, for major criminal cases involving doctors timely intervention investigation, forensics guide. The three is the medical cases involving the courts at all levels shall timely trial, according to the accurate conviction and sentencing, for criminal means cruel, subjective malignant deep, dangerousness of the defendant or the social impact of bad doctors involved in criminal acts severely punished according to law. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: