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Creativity How to Use Your Will Power to Get What You Want When you begin to talk about using your will power to get what you want, most people assume you are talking about using your mind to exert power and control over other people, however, this could not be further from the truth! The importance of the "will" cannot be emphasised enough here, but if you consider that Wallace.D.Wattles, in his classic self-improvement book "The Science of Getting Rich" devoted not one, but TWO whole chapters on the subject of "will power" you will begin to understand how important having a strong will can be, Wattles said "To get rich you only need to use your will power on yourself. When you know what to think and do, you must use your will to .pel yourself to think and do the right things. That is the legitimate use of the will in getting what you want – to use it in holding yourself to the right course. Use your will to keep yourself thinking and acting in the certain way. Do not try to project your will into space to act on things or people. Keep your mind at home. It can ac.plish more there than anywhere else" So, this article is all about using your own will power on yourself to get the absolute best out of you. How to Use Your Will Power to Get What You Want Consider the following: Everything starts with a thought. So begin by be.ing aware of your thoughts. What are you thinking ABOUT? Do your thoughts make you FEEL good or bad? Are your thoughts positive or negative? Positive thoughts produce positive feelings and negative thoughts produce negative feelings. So begin by training yourself to only think positive thoughts. This is the first use of the will. So what’s next? Well in this article, we are talking about using your will power on yourself, nobody else, do not try to apply your will power to anything or anybody outside of yourself, it is quite obviously wrong anyway. History has proved to us time and time again that using the will to control others is wrong and cannot and does not have a lasting success anyway. So choose good thoughts and use your will to think continuously of only what you want. How to Use Your Will Power to Get What You Want The second use of the will is the use of auto suggestive techniques. So use your will to plant positive affirmations deep into your mind at a subconscious level and you begin to change your habits. But, just saying words is never enough, you have to affirm with belief and emotion, because emotion produces feelings. Your feelings produce your actions and your actions equal results. Use your will to produce grateful feelings, try this positive affirmation from a great mentor of mine Bob Proctor," I am so happy and grateful now that success .es to me from multiple sources in increasing quantities on a continuous basis"(I like this affirmation because you can replace the word "success" with any word you choose depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. Such as "money" or "love" etc). How to Use Your Will Power to Get What You Want The final technique is creative visualisation. This is a great technique to use as it allows you to tap into the "awesome" power of the imagination. As the mind thinks in pictures (try thinking about the colour of your front door for example, it will produce a picture of your front door on the screen of your mind) it allows you to paint a picture of the world as you want it to be (as if it is right now) and impress this picture deep into your subconscious mind which cannot tell the difference between imagined reality and actual reality. It is outside the remit of this particular article to go into creative visualisation techniques in any great detail, but you can read other articles by this author on this fascinating subject. Now, I know that the above advice can seem overly simplistic at times, but sometimes too much energy and emphasis is put onto things and deliberately made to appear .plex and unnecessary. The point is, if you are reading this you are already halfway to the success you desire. But let me leave you with one final thought which hopefully will really help you to learn how to use your will power to get what you want, and that is ACTION! You see, all the visualisation, positive thinking and positive affirmations in the world will not matter one single iota without POSITIVE ACTION. SO TAKE ACTION NOW! and begin using these techniques to move you towards the success that you truly do deserve. This is how you REALLY USE YOUR WILL POWER. All the best. -Jon About the Author: 相关的主题文章: