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Food-and-Drink You can definitely have a great birthday party on a budget, but the one thing that usually takes up a significant amount of money is birthday cakes. This is especially so when baking is not your forte, or if there is a shortage of time for planning the party. The following are some ways to save money and still get the best cake for your celebration. Go For the Classic Birthday Cake There are some all time favorites when it .es to cakes which can serve any occasion, birthdays included. Chocolate cake, for example, is a universal favorite for kids, both boys and girls, and grown ups too. People are relatively easy to please when it .es to cake, so a simple one with their name written on top of the frosting, and candles, will do just fine. Classic cakes are much cheaper than custom designs and flavors so take advantage and save money. Birthday Cake Cookies Another great alternative to cake is birthday cookies that are quite large, shaped and decorated just like cakes but less costly. You can save up to 5 if you opt for cookies, and spend the extra cash on other affordable treats to ac.pany it. Get creative and invent a memorable cookie birthday for that special day. Self Decorating A regular plain cake is much cheaper than a decorated one, and with the availability of cheap cake decorating kits, you can save quite an amount of money by doing the decorating yourself. Remember that this is a long term solution for saving money on celebratory cakes for any occasion since all you will need from now on is the basic plain cake and a little creativity to decorate the cake. First Birthday Cake Offers Another way of saving money is by taking advantage of free cake offers for your childs first birthday. Bakeries and grocery stores do give away a free birthday cake for a first birthday, with proof of the childs birth certificate. Although this is one of those once in a lifetime offers, parents can save money for that special day. Use any of the above ideas to save cash on cakes, and choose bakeries nearby that provide free birthday cakes delivered services to your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: