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Beauty Dark circles under the eyes may be caused by many things. Some people think that not getting enough sleep can make dark circles appear under their eyes although this has been proven not to be the case. The amount of sleep you get at night should not have anything to do with having dark circles under your eyes although sometimes the lack of sleep can make your skin look unhealthy and pale causing dark circles to stand out more under the eyes. Getting enough sleep will not take away dark circles but may make them a little less obvious. Here are a few ways that some people avoid having dark circles under their eyes. Better nutrition is one way to prevent dark circles from appearing under the eyes. Sometimes we lack the important vitamins that we need in our bodies each day. Adding more foods to our diet with vitamins such as vitamin E will help prevent this from happening. Vitamins can also help you to stay healthier and feel better. Being in the sun too much can make you have dark circles under your eyes. The sun can darken melanin in the skin causing it to darken the skin under the eyes as well as other parts of the body. Dark circles under the eyes can seem more evident if you are in the sun often. It is better not to tan your body to lessen the chances of having dark circles under your eyes. Sometimes people who have allergies can get dark circles under their eyes. Allergies can make people feel like rubbing their eyes often, which can irritate the skin making dark circles appear even darker. People often have allergic reactions that can also play a part in having dark circles. Medication prescribed by your doctor for allergies can help to diminish dark circles if taken as instructed. When some people get older, they may notice dark circles under their eyes. Sometimes dark circles are noticed more around our eyes the older we get. By taking better care of your skin and properly cleaning and moisturizing the skin, you may see dark circles start to diminish. If you have dark circles under your eyes and nothing seems to work to diminish them you can try using natural remedies and other products made for this purpose. You can also make your dark circles appear to be less noticeable by wearing make up under your eyes such as a cover stick that matches your skin color. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: