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How Many Different Types Of Auto Insurance Could There Really Be-cancam

UnCategorized Have you ever taken the time to sit down and read your auto insurance policy cover to cover? Probably not. Most of us don’t! It’s page after page filled with insurance-ese, legal-ese and some weird markings that you’re pretty sure are supposed to be English but don’t quite make the mark! It’s much easier to take our insurance agent’s word for it-and to let them explain exactly what types of auto insurance coverage they think we need! Wait. There’s more than one type of auto insurance? Absolutely! There are many, many different aspects of your auto insurance policy that you need to know about. No two auto insurance policies are ever crafted exactly the same, nor would you want them to be. You want to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal for your car. Liability Insurance-The first thing you need to know about is liability auto insurance, mostly because that’s the kind you’re required to have if you’re going to be driving around on city streets! Basically, when you’re responsible for an accident you’re going to be responsible for all of the miscellaneous costs that go with it-including damages to other drivers’ vehicles and the medical bills roll along after. Bodily injury and property damage liability will pick up the slack so you don’t go bankrupt because of a moment of inattention. Collision Insurance-Liability takes care of everyone else’s expenses, what about yours? Chances are good your car took some damage in the accident too. Since these types of repairs can start at $1,000 apiece and go up from there, you might want to make sure you’ve got your insurance .pany standing behind you! Collision will take care of the damages to your car, less your deductible, so you don’t have to. .prehensive Insurance-.prehensive auto insurance takes care of the things that collision doesn’t-for example, vandalism, theft and "acts of God" like hail and lightening that can leave your car in teeny, tiny pieces-if it leaves it at all! .prehensive (along with collision) is going to be required if you’re leasing or financing a vehicle, since lenders want to make sure they’ve got a best-odds chance of getting back their investment if anything happens. Uninsured Motorist Insurance-Studies estimate that the number of uninsured drivers in the U.S. is going to climb dramatically by 2010 to a record high. If you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver you could spend years in court trying to wring the money for your repairs and medical bills out of them, and chances are good you’re going to end up paying them out of pocket somewhere along the way anyway. With uninsured motorist coverage your insurance .pany will take care of your expenses to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: