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Business In recent years, there has been a shift in the way Americans think about food. Where food comes from, how it is grown or processed, how many miles it travels from farm to table – these are the kinds of questions that were not considered during the age of the rise of TV dinners and fast food, yet now play an important role in guiding how people spend their hard-earned dollars on food. Studying freight shipping and transportation can help us ask similar questions about other products we may take for granted. Less than Truckload or LTL shipping, which is the transportation of goods between producers and buyers, in medium-sized quantities, is an excellent entry point into the underreported side of production and consumption. Take, for example, construction. We spend our lives in buildings, but don’t spend much time thinking about the processes of how they come together. Unless one’s daily commute is detoured because of a construction zone or one is planing a remodel, it is unlikely one would put much thought toward the intersection between construction and transportation of construction materials. This is because LTL trucking can make the process appear seamless. If a metal, wood, or concrete supplier provides a quantity of materials to help complete a certain stage of a construction project and the contractor does not want to personally transport these materials, then it may be an LTL firm that manages the transportation of that cargo load from the supplier to the construction site. An LTL firm may even collect one set of materials from this first supplier, and at a distribution hub consolidate them with another set of materials from a different supplier, before heading out to the construction site to deliver a complete set of resources with which to build a building. Another example is medical equipment. Most medical patients are focused on the immediate questions of health and wellbeing – what can I do to make sure I get and stay healthy? But good health cannot be ensured without dependable systems for transporting and delivering the equipment, machinery and medicine that make effective healthcare possible. LTL deliveries may transport crucial quantities of medical equipment to hospitals or clinics so that the patient care side is seamless. As vaccine shortages during flu season sometimes show, it’s important to have a steady supply of medical goods on hand. As long as the products are provided by the supplier on time, a proven LTL shipping company can help with timely and secure delivery of much-needed medical supplies. Farmer’s markets and community supported agriculture organic delivery boxes have given Americans a more detailed window into the mechanisms behind the way food is produced, transported and sold. Thinking more deeply about the logistics of LTL freight shipping helps us understand the similar structures behind crucial industries like construction and medicine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: