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UnCategorized If you’re taking advantage of the services provided by the Medinah taxi service, then you may be wondering why your fares are being assessed at a certain amount, or why the starting rate on a meter is where it is. Sometimes a fuel surcharge is applied to a taxi fare, causing the base amount you are charged for your cab ride to increase. This has been something that has been seen a great deal across the country in the last several years as fuel prices have increased to the highest points on record. This cost of increased fuel prices is something born by the drivers of the cab .pany, so when fuel is at its highest point the .pany has to levy a fuel surcharge in order to keep the driving profitable for their drivers, otherwise they would likely lose their employees in short order. It has be.e difficult to predict at any given time whether or not a .pany that offers taxi services in Medinah is going to be charging their customers a fuel surcharge or not. The volatility of world markets and oil prices have caused some of the greatest fluctuations in fuel prices in history, making it sometimes necessary for a fuel surcharge to be implemented one week and not the next. It is important to understand that when you are being charged a fuel surcharge it is not an attempt to extract more profit from your cab ride, but rather to ensure that the drivers are being fairly .pensated for their time. This is the same logic that affects fees and charges in all sectors, as employees must obviously be fairly .pensated if a .pany wishes for them to remain employees. If you want to predict whether or not your overall fare is going to be affected by a fuel surcharge of any kind, the best way to guess is to just have a long look at the current price of gas in your city. If the price is much higher than it has been in the last several weeks, you shouldn’t be surprised if you notice that the base rate on cab rides increases somewhat. On the other hand, if your area’s gas prices have dropped, which we have certainly seen some of in the last few months, then it would be logical to expect, and even to demand, that the cab .panies remove any surcharges that were designed only to .pensate for an inflated fuel price in earlier weeks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: