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Sales Entrepreneurs operating a home party plan business know they’ve got to work the pipeline. As happy as they are about each sale, they need to concentrate on where the next one will .e from. Networking, gaining exposure, and more importantly, referrals, is the name of the game. Party Plan Services What better way to build that pipeline full of new referrals and potential customers than to create partnerships with some of the local non-profit groups in your area. Offering your party plan services to local groups is an excellent way to generate leads. Most home party plan business operators already know that if your business sells make-up or beauty products, it’s a great idea to find beauty salons that will allow you to leave your catalogs, samples and business cards. Take it a step further; find the nearest "Look Good–Feel Better" program and offer to donate some of the make-up supplies as well as a percentage of purchases by participants to their program. Not only will you feel great because you’ve contributed to a program designed to improve self-image and self esteem for cancer patients, but you’ll also have a captive audience using your products who will be intent on purchasing more from you because of that positive association. They’ll refer their friends and family members…and so on. Perhaps your product line involves kitchen gadgets or storage containers. Why not partner with local restaurants in your area to provide containers for "doggie" bags. If your card is creatively included on the container, your business will be.e "top-of-mind" when the leftovers are eaten. An attractive bag, which could include a catalog of products and/or an invitation to an up.ing party or consultation, could also be provided to the restaurant. Imagine the buzz and increased revenue from such a simple gesture. Home Party Fundraiser Programs For Bookings Another way to tap into a ready and waiting referral network to find home party bookings is to find out about the fundraising needs of the local school’s parent/teacher organization. As school boards wrestle with ways to remedy budget deficits without cutting personnel, these types of organizations generally try to minimize the impact by undertaking superhuman fundraising efforts to benefit extracurricular activities and sports programs. Offer to hold a "party" at the school for the general public. It can be a win-win for everyone. The school and/or the organization will handle the publicity and advertising for the event itself. You offer a percentage of your revenue for anything purchased at the event and maybe for future purchases made by those in attendance. Another twist, if the group involved is trying to boost membership, ties discounts to proof of membership. Make sure you have plenty of catalogs, leave-behind promotional items and your contact info. Offer discounts for those in attendance if they book a party in their home as a follow up or if they refer a friend to book a party. Scout groups, church groups and veterans groups are all good possibilities for setting up a fundraising program. Joining your local chamber of .merce is another excellent way to .work and develop win-win relationships. Most chambers base their membership rate structure on the number of employees in the organization. As a sole proprietor of a home party plan business, you would qualify for the lowest rate. In return, you’ll have monthly opportunities to expand and further develop your growing .work of potential customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: