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Home Furnishing mix tips free and orderly windjview

Home Furnishing mix tips free and orderly lead: Jennifer and Stefan in Seattle (  Gallery) a LOFT apartment, a two people engaged in the aerospace industry work, is a football player, because of the particularity of the occupation, they need a more relaxed living space. This full-featured minimalist apartment for them appropriate. Home Furnishing mix tips free and orderly furniture collocation 3:7 golden ratio as the home of large decoration, furniture style collocation directly affects the indoor style and mood. Therefore, the mix of furniture has always been to many designers and love the attention of people. Insiders said, generally speaking, is suitable for the mix of furniture, there are mainly three kinds of. The first is the design style is consistent, but the shape, color, texture of the furniture is not the same, this kind of furniture is more suitable for small and medium sized room furnishings, in order to form a visual contrast. The second is the color is not the same, but similar to the shape of furniture, this kind of home does not seem to have a very strong sense of contrast, suitable for larger rooms. There is a design and production process are very sophisticated furniture, this furniture is suitable for all kinds of mix of space, but the number should not be too much. Different styles of furniture mix together can produce unexpected results. For example, Chinese classical furniture and modern furniture collocation can, Southeast Asian furniture can be used with Chinese, European or American style furniture mix etc.. Winning tricks: Chinese and western, 3: 7 is the classical and modern furniture collocation golden ratio, because Chinese and classical furniture shape and color is very eye-catching, too many people will be out of order. Home Furnishing mix tips free and orderly some material not suitable for mix of different materials used in addition to furniture, interior decoration can be produced or mix, unified or contrast visual effect to the occupants and bring new home experience. In the collocation of the material, the choice can be very diverse. Leather and leather and metal, wood, ceramic and wood, plastic and metal can mix use. It is necessary to point out that although the choice of collocation way more, there are some materials that do not fit in with a mix of, for example, light colored leather is not suitable for collocation with glass and metal, fur is not suitable for glass and transparent material collocation. Winning tricks: different material in the mix material can be a large area of wood, leather, plastic and other more stable, and metal, glass, porcelain and other special materials as fur as embellishment. Home Furnishing mix tips free and orderly textile as far as possible without contrast color curtains, carpets and other textile material can mix, but the precondition is to color harmony. For example, the curtains are blue, then the carpet and bed color is the best color of white, blue, light color, etc.. Winning tricks: black and white contrast can produce a strong visual impact. If you want a bedroom with distinctive personality, can consider to use plain fabric, with black furniture and jewelry. Except this.相关的主题文章: