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Home And Auto Insurance Made Simple For Seniors-brock lesnar

More and more seniors are unsatisfied with the homeowner"s or car insurance premium that keeps increasing even though they"ve been loyal customers for 20 plus years. Do you feel the same way? Do you feel like even though your in.e is stagnant, the bills are piling up? It"s time you realized that very few insurance .panies reward your loyalty and there might still be time to get a new quote for home and auto insurance. Few institutions have done as much good for seniors as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). It also helps seniors with insurance by partnering with The Hartford. Since it has so many members, it is able to get insurance rates from The Hartford at group rates that work out cheaper for its members. This partnership has been running for over 25 years now and scores of seniors have immensely benefitted. Some good ways to lower your auto and home insurance quotes are detailed below. Some of their features are specific to AARP while some are generic discounts that most insurance .panies will offer. Auto Insurance benefits: Driver Safety Program: The AARP offers a driver safety program that anyone can take and when you have successfully .pleted it, you can get a lower insurance rate—just like that! You can even take this test and your own auto insurance .pany might give you a lower rate based on your results. Pile on young drivers with ease: You may have other drivers who are younger than 21 covered under your policy. This need not increase your premium too much if that driver .pletes the driver safety program successfully. In Georgia, persons under 25 can be covered for less by .pleting the driver safety program. Safety Features Discounts: Most insurance .panies will give you discounted auto insurance rates if you install air-bags and anti-theft systems. Installing these safety features is a one-time investment that protects your car and lowers your premium""win-win. Home Insurance benefits: "New for Old" protection of your possessions Under the AARP homeowner"s policy, you can get your damaged item replaced with new items of equal value and quality. Isn"t that great?! 100% protection plan: Some home insurance .panies allow you to choose a 100% protection plan and in case your home is severely damaged, you will receive the full cost of rebuilding up to 150% of the applicable limits of your home insurance policy. Retiree and Renewal Credit: Many retired persons work for less than 24 hours a week. In such a situation you can get a lowered home insurance premium. Also if you keep renewing your homeowner"s insurance program policy (with certain insurance .panies) you will continue to save more each time. Home and Auto Insurance: Lifetime renewability Many insurance .panies do not offer lifetime renewability on your policy. But with others, as long as you meet a few basic requirements for both car and homeowners insurance, you will always be able to renew your policy and will not be rejected. Hassle-free claims It goes without saying that for instant home and auto insurance quotes , senior-specific organizations have a prompt claims service to make sure seniors get help as fast as possible and all worries are kept at bay. Bundle and Save! If you can buy both car and homeowner"s insurance from AARP you can save on both up to 15% on your homeowner"s insurance rates and 10% off your auto insurance coverage. Hopefully, this article has been some-what of an eye-opener for seniors that are looking for car and home insurance that fits nicely within their budget. Many .panies do provide auto and home insurance discounts for seniors. There are a number of ways to save on insurance and joining the AARP is one of them! About the Author: Bethany Collins is a mother of two who works from home and lives with her husband. She is voracious reader and always looks out for happening topics related to personal finance. She specializes on subjects related to aarp classic auto insurance and aarp collector car insurance. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: