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Hefei, a small secretly stole the Samsung mobile phone actually at home – Sohu news antik

One morning in Hefei a little secret of Samsung mobile phone combusts – in Sohu news in early October, Huainan Jin man flees to Hefei an Internet cafe, while the victim fell asleep on the occasion, stole his mobile phone Samsung Note7. When a mobile phone is ready to sell Jin, or scene, the Samsung Note7 mobile phone had spontaneous combustion at home. According to the police investigation found that at the beginning of September 2016, a criminal suspect home from Huainan to Hefei, has no fixed job, living in a hotel. One day in early October morning, Jin received a fellow left a message, said a cafe near the hotel has fallen asleep, mobile phone on the table, very good to steal. Jin a got the news after sneaked into the Internet cafe, while the victim is asleep, on the table in the computer stolen Samsung Note7 mobile phone. Jin confessed, wanted to sell mobile phone to earn money, the results have not come to sell urgently, mobile phone suddenly in spontaneous combustion. I came back home to see the phone spontaneous combustion, no way I can only throw the phone wreckage." Kan reluctantly said at the trial. At present, Jin is a suspicion of theft Yaohai Procuratorate approved the arrest.相关的主题文章: