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Harbin announced the sale of domestic auto sales norms repair vehicles must be informed-www.cnool.net

Harbin issued a domestic car sales car sales repair specification shall inform the original title: Harbin released domestic car sales, customer service specification shall inform the consumer car repair selling newspaper on November 26th – 25 days, reporters from the Harbin market supervision bureau was informed that the day before the Council issued a "home", "car sales service specification car customer service service specification" two local regulations, the sales and customer service personnel, car service and other aspects of the requirements, it is strictly prohibited to non original parts and original accessories, posing as domestic production to take charge of imported parts, accessories to unqualified parts as qualified accessories shoddy, filled with old and new illegal acts etc.. Pre sales: automotive advertising should be regarded as a business commitment to domestic car sales personnel should be vocational training, with the appropriate professional knowledge, and should hold a motor vehicle driver’s license. Products and services for domestic car dealers should be priced and shall not resort to deceit, exaggerated propaganda, misleading consumers. The advertisement of automobile products shall be regarded as the promise of the automobile supplier and the automobile dealer, and the feasibility of the product shall be evaluated before the release. In addition, import car sales, should provide a "certificate of import goods" and "import and export commodity inspection and Quarantine", after the restoration of the commercial vehicle sales and repair, should inform the customer related information, and ensure the safety performance of the product and technology. Sales staff as customer records (including potential customers) of the relevant information, and shall undertake to ensure the information privacy. Before signing the contract, the terms of the contract should be explained to the customer. Customer service: repair of odometer register engaged in rescue repair service staff should be trained to master relevant knowledge, go out to rescue the necessary repairs. The customer will be sent to the customer service of automobile maintenance, reception staff and customers with the vehicle and fill in the pre pre single, and the vehicle appearance, interior surface, instrument examination records, to determine the maintenance content, pricing, delivery time, ask the customer to confirm the signing. At the same time, the reception staff should fill out the "single plant maintenance", to determine the service content, standard fees, delivery time, and inspect the vehicle exterior and interior surface, such as abnormal should be specified, customer signature confirmation. The service items shall be confirmed according to the actual needs of the customers, and other service items shall not be forced to sell. In order to avoid maintenance during the vehicle by others secretly driving, car maintenance personnel to receive oil meter, digital display odometer registration signed by the customer.相关的主题文章: