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Guangzhou brother wit to help police send pregnant women at a hospital on the way-incubus

Guangzhou brother wit to help police send pregnant women at a hospital on October 25th, a pregnant woman family came to the Baiyun taxi company to thank a brother. Originally, Ms. Chen is pregnant by Baiyun group taxi driver He Yingxiong is aware of the urgency of the situation, take the initiative to seek help from the road traffic police on duty, police together for pregnant women the way to escort, opened a "life channel". It is understood that, in the afternoon of October 22nd, he was driving a taxi carrying pregnant woman Ms. Chen went to the provincial mch. On the way, the road is not ideal, where the master about hospital delay, first take the initiative to the police to maintain order on the way to help control traffic, let the car to open some. After that, he focused on driving at the same time, continue to look for opportunities to help. Finally, he saw a traffic police are dealing with illegal vehicles, and immediately help. After getting the help of the traffic police, he followed the police car. In the count every minute and second 13 minutes, he finally successfully pregnant women from Yuehua road safely sent to the Provincial Maternal and child health hospital. After the event, where the master has been for their charity "no feeling", but always want to play ahead of the 110 reported violations by impulse. Where the master did not mention their helpful deeds to others, until October 24th, the traffic police held a press conference, the company saw the license plate number; at noon that day, passengers can call the Baiyun company, thanks to the master, where the master of the story was discovered. Edit comment: social advocate helpfulness, from that we can see, the original can also talk about the wisdom of speaking method can avoid detours. Fortunately, the brothers have been watching the way whether the police can help, rather than blindly down the drive, that kind of really made a good thing. Editor: GDN007相关的主题文章: