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Vacation-Rentals The Goldiana Angkor Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Siem Reap, being opened just a few years ago. Placed nearby the center of Siem Reap, the hotel is at short distance from the citys international airport (20 minutes) and only a 10 minutes-drive from the famous Angkor Wat temple, which is designated as a World Heritage Site. The hotels location within the city makes it an ideal place to enjoy a quiet getaway, for a romantic vacation or a business trip. The establishment is well known among the hotels in Siem Reap as a place where luxurious .fort is available at an affordable price. The architecture of the Goldiana .bines local Cambodian Khmer style influences with international trends, creating a beautiful, yet functional building and a modern atmosphere. No Matter Your Tastes, the Rooms at Goldiana Will Make You Feel At Home: The rooms available vary in surface, amenities, and number of places. There are four types of room awaiting tourists, namely the deluxe single, twin, triple, and the Angkor suite. The Angkor suite is a luxurious lodging stretching on over 80 square meters, which provides a king-size bed, a mini bar, and two balconies. From these balconies, visitors can admire the exotic panorama offered by the hotel, with the nearby fishing villages and lush tropical vegetation. The simple rooms are just as attractive, offering .fortable ac.modation to tourists exhausted by trips to the beautiful historic sites located just a few miles from the hotel. All rooms are fitted with mini bars and coffee sets, so you can enjoy a nice quiet afternoon inside if you grow tired of the bustling life of the Cambodians. No matter what you choose, you get the prompt and friendly service of a knowledgeable staff, with services including room service, concierge, medical services, post, and limousine. Get the taste of Cambodia Cuisine in a fine Restaurant: If you want to try to exotic and delicious dishes of the Cambodian cuisine, including many tropical fruits, rice and soups, its re.mended to eat at one of the hotels restaurants. As many hotels in Siem Reap, the Goldiana offers both local dishes and selections from the international cuisine. This ensures that everyone will find something in the menu to suite his or her taste. From French specialties to Italian dishes and delicious American stakes, the chefs working in the hotels kitchens can prepare all types of food. .plementing the food selection, guests can taste a wide assortment of French wines. For a romantic, candle-lit dinner, go to the Diana Cocktail Lounge, a perfect retreat featuring live jazz representations in a lively atmosphere. Enrich Your Vacation with the Local Culture and Traditions: The Goldiana Angkor Hotel is a perfect location for those who want to feel the authentic rhythm of the Cambodian traditional society. Nearby the lodging area, the Psar Chaa Old Market is a true oriental marketplace, where you will find countless interesting items that represent the rich culture of the area. The Old Market is the ideal place to shop for a souvenir at affordable prices. Make sure to haggle, and you will get some real bargains. Other places to visit include the traditional fishing villages unspoiled by modern life, where tourist can see ancient fishing techniques in action or taste a delicious fish-based dish. Of course, the biggest attraction of the area remains the Angkor Wat temples, counted by many among the true wonders of the world. As its one of the finest hotels in Siem Reap, the Goldiana Angkor hotel is your gateway to the wonders of Angkor, all at a reasonable price! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: