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Giant Mountain Bikes Big On The Trail-sayu-02

UnCategorized Many expensive branded things turn out to be disappointing. When it comes to high-risk recreational vehicles like mountain bikes, falling short of expectations may not only be "disappointing," but possibly even life-threatening! Thankfully, consumers help each other decide which brands are good and which are not and avoid fatal pitfalls, by placing certain labels higher than others in terms of purchase priority. Giant mountain bikes sell a lot, and are considered top of the line. Are they worth the hype? Well, if the many satisfied online reviewers are to be believed, they certainly are. There are currently hundreds of reviews for Giant mountain bikes on the popular bike review site, MTB Review (Mtbr.com). The Giant NRS line, in particular, has merited the "Freeride Choice Award," after getting close to a perfect 5 rating from an adequate number of reviewers. Talk about satisfying its costumers! Giant models are built to please, and they deliver. Giant has developed models for different body sizes, so that women and kids may not feel excluded from its clientele. Another big thing (pun intended) about the Giant bike is that it places priority on manageable weight and speed. Ironically, given the brand name, a lot of the top-rated Giant bikes are lightweight and aerodynamic – all but streamlined to fly. The Giant NRS 2, for example, is considered light for a full-suspension machine. The slight weight difference between this model and its competitors makes all the difference for racing cyclists with a discriminating eye, and a drive to win. Not to be pigeonholed, however, Giant is also recently branching out into making notable "muscle" bikes. The Trance line of bikes, fortified with the new "Maestro" rear suspension, is taking the place of the VT line. Before the Trance line came into the fore, the VT line received considerable praise from many users. Like the NRS, it received the "Freeride Choice Award." Some users may complain of excessive weight, but compared to the other features, it may prove to be an excellent deal. We have yet to hear from other Trance users on this. Price may be a problem for the bargain hunter, but with brand names like Trek, Intense, Ellsworth and yes, the Giant, you get what you pay for – which is quality. You can surf the Web and see for yourself that various Giant mountain bikes are highly rated by a great many users, and for good reason. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: