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Home-and-Family Using a wall bed doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your interior design. In fact, wall beds can amplify and accentuate your home’s existing style, bringing it to a whole other level. No matter what size, configuration, colour or finish you need, there is surely a wall bed that will fit the bill nicely. Get The Size You Need – If you’re under the impression that wall beds are only available in singles, think again. Their popularity is skyrocketing due to the large range of sizes and designs. Today’s solutions are no longer designed primarily for people who only require a single bed or ones who live alone. Indeed, Murphy wall beds are available in single, double and Queen sizes, meaning that whatever you specific needs are, there is bound to be a suitable option out there for you. Get The Finish You Want – Rather than folding up and creating a blank wall – or, worse, the underside of a mattress coil system – today’s wall beds boast a plethora of wonderful finishes. You can take your pick from among things like attractive laminates, premium 2 Pac or even vinyl wraps. Each of these finishes – and many others – also bring the option of several lovely colour choices to the table. Since you can choose from among so many finishes, the options are truly wide open. Achieving the precise look that you want – without compromising the integrity of your existing interior decor – is a huge reason why so many finishes are so convenient. Choose From Many Stylish Configurations – With today’s wall beds, your bed not only folds up to create additional space – it transforms into another useful item, too. There are many great options when it comes to the configurations of today’s wall beds. Simple wardrobes are a popular choice; other people prefer to choose a wall bed that folds away to reveal a desk. There are configurations that reveal shelves where you can organise your belongings – and even sliding library shelves for a polished, professional look. The bottom line is, from size to finish to configuration, today’s Murphy wall beds are excellent options on just about every level. Create more space with style by investing in a high quality wall bed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: