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Ganzi earthquake caused 6 houses collapsed Litang road damaged 20 kilometers (Figure) (video)-faxuan.net

Ganzi earthquake caused 6 houses collapsed Litang road damaged 20 kilometers (Figure) Sichuan Chengdu news network September 23rd news (reporter Alvarez) September 23rd afternoon, the Sichuan news network reporter from Litang County "9.23" earthquake relief headquarters was informed that the 5.1 earthquake in Litang County, causing 6 houses collapsed and damaged roads 20 km and other disasters losses related to relief work is being actively carried out. 00 September 23rd 47, in Litang County, 30.09 degrees north latitude, longitude 99.64 degrees 4.9 earthquake occurred at 1:23, 30.10 degrees north latitude, longitude 99.61 degrees 5.1 earthquake occurred, the earthquake received the report, Litang County Government attaches great importance to, launched three earthquake emergency plan immediately, the first time the composition of the working group to Wo Ni Xiang check disaster nuclear disaster, and other towns to check disaster nuclear disaster. After the earthquake, the epicenter of Wo Ni Xiang Qu Deng Cun Ge, surrounding, Ben Ge and High Town, Lamaya Township must have felt. Up to now, wo Ni Xiang earthquake affected houses collapsed 6 households, 15 households houses severely damaged, mild damage to 293 households, the village patency of bridges and culverts damaged 3, bridge damage 20, pass the village smooth roads damaged 20 kilometers, the rest of the disaster is to check disaster nuclear disaster, at present, no casualties. According to the situation, Litang County immediately launched three earthquake emergency plan, set up an emergency headquarters under the command of the 6 teams, respectively, to check disaster nuclear disaster group, propaganda group, medical insurance group, logistics group, emergency relief group and discipline inspection group, focus on relief work. Led by the county leading the first time to the disaster area to check disaster nuclear disaster relief, and overall good earthquake disaster preparedness. At present, the affected people are stable, the overall stability of society. (image courtesy of Litang County Propaganda Department) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading the Taiwan housing and Bridge resonance felt felt earthquake comparable相关的主题文章: