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Galaxy S8 January next year, the first test configuration was confirmed – Sohu digital bleep

Galaxy S8 next year in January the first batch of test configuration confirmed – Sohu [news] China digital mobile phone Note7 after the unfortunate wreck, there is no doubt that Samsung will fully and carefully build Galaxy S8, this flagship to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. Yesterday, the Wall Street journal news that the Samsung S8 may be postponed until April next year, and now there is more news confirmed. Latest news revealed Samsung Galaxy S8 R & D schedule. The first part will appear in the alleged orders in January next year, Samsung will use the assembly of the first S8 prototype, force test. The supplier is expected to get more Samsung internal order in February, because Samsung will have more improvement over the prototype test. Then, Samsung S8 will begin production in March to meet the April release. Samsung has not yet identified the exact cause of the Note7 battery fire burning, so Samsung will release a new generation of flagship S8 time delay, we are also very easy to understand. Samsung need to ensure that the new flagship will not have any accident, because the Korean manufacturer has been unable to withstand another hit. Configuration, the foreign media once again confirmed that Galaxy S8 will use 5.1 inches 2K screen, the screen will account for up to 90%, is still equipped with iris recognition function, and the use of dual camera technology. At present, including iPhone 7 Plus and a number of mainstream flagship machine has adopted a dual camera head, as the flagship flagship Samsung S8 next year is no doubt that the use of the. Rumors Samsung S8 dual cameras were 12 million and 13 million pixels, but it is not clear how it will work. The dual camera technology mainly has three kinds, one is HTC, ZTE style, second assistant camera depth of field; one is millet, HUAWEI style, second cameras to improve the luminous monochrome camera camera; it is a LG and Apple style, two cameras with different focal length. Do not know which direction Samsung will develop.相关的主题文章: