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The Milky Way Futures: rangebound in 3310 – 3460 yuan 500kg after the National Day holiday egg stage callback clients view the latest market egg 1701 contract for nearly a month, as of September 26th closing, egg 1701 contract closed at 3349 yuan. Today’s disk breaking 3300 yuan line, the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double stocking has ended, egg prices lack of short-term upward momentum. The fundamentals of [] (a) egg market spot, after mid September, around the price of eggs dropped significantly. As of September 27th, we monitored and area the average price of 3.32 yuan catty, is at the beginning of September fell 0.78 yuan a catty, a drop of 19.1%. Dalian, Dezhou and other major producing areas has dropped to 3 yuan Jin, producing areas, Wuhan highest price of $3.8 pounds. Sales areas, Beijing, Shanghai and other places were 3.3 yuan jins, only a maximum of 3.8 yuan Jin Guangzhou. At present, supply shocks high low, the national egg prices continued to decline, farmers are reluctant to sell short-term or expected, egg prices will be weak consolidation. After the double, household consumption egg will dominate, and this kind of demand perennial exist, or it is difficult to form an effective boost to egg price. Figure 1:2013~2016 in the main producing areas of the average daily egg price (Yuan Jin) figure 2:2013~2016 main areas the average daily egg price (Yuan Jin) source: WIND information the Milky Way Futures Research Center (two) laying hens as of September 23rd week, laying hens profit of 25 yuan, compared with the previous week down 7.65 Yuan Yu; chicken feed was 2.86 yuan per kilogram, 3.41 yuan chicks feather, compared with the previous week; out of the chicken for 8.86 yuan per kilogram, compared with the previous week down 0.02 yuan per kilogram. This year, the situation of laying hens are more optimistic, mostly to maintain profitability, farmers Bulan is acceptable, at present, the first half of the chicks Bulan is open period, the supply gap temporarily. According to Chivas of hens herds statistical data monitoring, the August 2016 national total amount of layers is 1 billion 494 million, 2.46% less than in July, an increase of 3.90%. In August the total population is to reduce the reserve chicken herds and in laying hens breeding stock decreased. In August the reserve hens breeding stock is 248 million, compared to July decreased by 11.94%, an increase of 3.57%; August in laying hens breeding stock is 1 billion 246 million, 0.32% less than in July, an increase of 3.96%. From the latest layers of chicken age structure, from the layers of chicken age structure, in 2016 the old chicken significantly increased in August. Among them, 1) reserve chicken age accounted for 25.05%, a decrease of 2.10%, which accounted for a substantial reduction of 30-90 chickens; 2) developed in the age structure of a "small chicken egg yards accounted for a slight reduction in size, proportion of eggs increase", small eggs (120-180 days) the proportion of chicken age for 10.21%, a decrease of 0.18% in eggs (180-270 days) the chicken age accounted for 1.相关的主题文章: