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From the end of the net ring matricide girl behind the school violence, corporal punishment – the So ca1871

From the end of the net ring matricide girl behind the school violence, corporal punishment. At any time – Sohu news September 21st, about half past five in the afternoon, the Ji’nan science and technology college students to play defense meal in the apartment downstairs stand, everywhere is the iron fence and barbed wire. Three months are not allowed to visit the general freshmen after three months, to see a parent. September 20th was the second day that Chen Li had sent his son to the school, and he was told he could not see the baby. The day before he drove from the field to Ji’nan to send their children, had planned to go back and forth the same day, but the heart can not say where disturbed, so he stayed in Ji’nan for a night. After that Chen Xinran things, his mood is more complex, on the one hand, has his son arranged in a school in Dezhou before him, but after a few days of enrollment, the children play truant, he did not know how to discipline their children; on the other hand, he also worried that the child will be corporal punishment in school. He has to pay more than 36 thousand a year tuition, if the time to take the boy back to school, also boondoggle. Chen Li heard from the Internet to the school early in the morning of June he came to Ji’nan to check out the location, but the admissions director told him that afternoon visit, he did not wait, is not willing to give up to the child alone is full of the iron railings of the school, only drove away. After two or three months, children of rebellion, truancy, his cruel and folded back. Send their children to school on the same day, his wife has been around in tears, Chen Li as well, although repeatedly with the instructor and teacher confirmed no corporal punishment, he still wants to know in what way of school students. School instructor Lv Hailong served in the army in Jilin, when the surging news advisory capacity to the parents of his school discipline, he said, the school is the main way to let the child come into contact with the network, mobile phone, cash, forced children to these things out of dependence. The mother tied up half a month before Chen Xinran in the log in detail. She was arrested this school experience, which refers to a grasp of his instructor "dragon". Lv Hailong confirmed that the "dragon" is he. In September 21st, surging news reporter in the house where Lv Hailong Lu Jia alley to see him, he pointed to the reporter shouted: "who are you? I can’t let you go out today!" At the same time, one of his side of the school female instructor grabbed the fist rushed to reporters. Subsequently, the reporter identified and explained what he wanted, he still agitated, staring at the reporter shouted, "I let you walk out of Lu village!" After the police arrived, the reporter left the scene safety belt. Zhang Ai described her in the school day: "five or six in the morning to get up the quilt pick up health, more than seven dozen rice, then more than eight sets, morning training qindiquan girls, boys learn cultural lessons, around eleven in two dozen rice, lunch at half past two in the afternoon, set for girls in class, boys training. Half past five to eat dinner, six or seven to go to the activity room to see the film, boys and girls on the first floor, floor two. About nine class meeting and meeting, after go to bed. Girls live in the four floor, the boys lined up on the floor of the five or six floor. 24 meals a day, a total of $9, the first three months of the new year did not lunch break and watch movies." In addition to daily training and learning.相关的主题文章: