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Free Vocational Training For Poor Children Is A Must-www.34aaa.com

News-and-Society Lots of us demand and some of us even work for providing free education to poor children. But most of the time we forget to search for the way through which these children can have a decent work which will allow them to lead a dignified life later. Undoubtedly education is important for their overall development. But after reaching a certain stage in life, you cannot just rely on charity. At that point, one wants to support ones higher education or even ones life or family. This would be.e easier if the poor children are given some vocational training at the school. When ones schooling is reaching its .pletion and college, if the fate allowed would also be starting as well; one need to start working if he/she is .ing from an economically backward family. The schooling may have been done on concession or through sponsorship or by studying in a charity aided school. But at the time of college, there are not many scholarships available for the poor students who are .ing from economically backward family. If the charitable schools which make free education available to the poor children provide some vocational training alongside, it would be of tremendous help. This training would open chances of self-employment and prevent them from being exploited. This free vocational training would attract more poor children to school. This is because school now would not only empower and enlighten them through schooling but also train them so that they can employ themselves. Parents, who were not able to afford school for their children and discouraged them from going to even those schools which provided free education, would see schooling a good option to secure the future of their children. This would be possible only if the schools start providing a vocational training along with free education. Such system and schools are needed in a developing nation like India which has a major number of populations that is not able to avail the basic facilities for living. Charitable .anizations like Guru Nanak Garib Niwaj Education Society are working to provide free education to poor children. They have even opened school in New Delhi, where poor children are provided free education, vocational training and all the things required to support their schooling. We need to support such .anizations if we have to make this world a better living place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: