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Home-and-Family Stepfamilies are quite different than first-time families for a ton of reasons. For this reason, when .bining families through remarriage, couples often run into major trouble. They often use the model of a nuclear family but this can lead to remarriage challenges right from the start. First off, stepfamilies are formed right from the start out of a major loss by at least one side. This could be many different things, some of which include divorce, death of one parent, or even one single-parent household shifting to a married household. Generally, the new marriage relationship between the adults puts the kids in a threatened state. The children often feel resentful because they now have to share their parent, the one stabilizing force in all of the turmoil they have just experienced. This often results in ambivalent attitudes and feelings towards the newly formed family. On the other side, the couple hasn’t had a chance to get to know each other and form slow, loving bonds with both each other and the children. Instead, they are thrown into very difficult decisions such as the issues of parenting, discipline, co-parenting with the other bio parent, and the history associated with each individual mini family. There are many more remarriage struggles as well and frustration with the new stepfamily and marriage often .e from having to work on basic items that never were problems in a first time house. This can lead to premature dis.fort with the new marriage. If left unchecked, this can ultimately lead to divorce yet again bringing more chaos. We are in effect offering free counseling and help designed to help new stepfamilies navigate the most .mon remarriage challenges. We’ve lined up 10 experts who are all willing to give out free, valuable insights to help you settle in to your new stepfamily. You can access all of this right from the .fort of your own living room! Who else wants to finally discover the secrets of you both a mom and dad can enjoy a bonded stepfamily and be free of remarriage challenges? Check out what we have in store for these free remarriage webinars. Some of the topics you’ll find are: How To Discover Your Spouses Unrealistic Expectations Answers To The Biggest Questions About Stepparenting Who Does WhatWhat Works? The Number One Predictor of Happy Remarriages In The Remarriage Checkup Whos In And Whos OutAvoiding A Relationship Collision How To Avoid The Hex Of The ExFrom Former Spouses to Other Houses And so much MORE! Relationship counseling and family counseling can be out of reach for most people. This free remarrige webinar series will allow your family to get the help you need. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: