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Fisker electric car debut mileage over 640 km iptd-651

Fisker electric vehicle mileage over 640 km at the Phoenix car recently, new EV Fisker officially unveiled, the official debut of the vehicle image can be seen, and before the Karma without any practice in terms of design, in addition to the new design, according to the official Fisker news, the Emotion net electric vehicle mileage will reach 643 kilometers. It’s very sporty appearance design, front and rear fender design expansion type so that it looks very offensive, in addition, the design style of the new it makes it hard to think of this, Emotion and Karma are the same brand. According to the official Fisker news, the name for the pure electric vehicles Emotion made of carbon fiber and aluminum materials, lightweight materials and further demonstrates the motion characteristics of the side of it, and make Fisker proud of is its space in the back, especially relative to the Karma models, the Emotion pure electric vehicles provide a comfortable and adequate rear space design. In the Emotion power, Fisker uses the electric power system layout of new design, this new, is the overall interior space forward Emotion, and the increase of the vehicle wheelbase, while reducing the vehicle front and rear suspension distance, so it created its outstanding interior space. According to official data, the Emotion pure electric vehicle type can reach a maximum speed of 260 kilometers per hour, and its mileage can reach staggering 643 km, and such a mileage, thanks to Emotion by using a new graphene graphene battery technology, battery technology developed by Fisker Nanotech and Nanotech energy company. As Tesla Fisker rival, Emotion also will be equipped with automatic driving technology, but Fisker acknowledged that the technology has not yet officially equipped with Emotion model and Emotion above, the autopilot technology, specifically for high-end car market by providing automatic driving technology of the third party company. It is said that the Fisker Emotion will be officially on display in 2017, and officially sold in 2017 years. But for the time being, the specific display time has not been determined. More new car information, please pay attention to Phoenix automotive channel.相关的主题文章: