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Fear of soaring U.S. dollar or Japanese yen intervention in large risk pigeon blood

The dollar soared fear of Japan or the yen bulls risk intervened heavily in U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes FX168 news last week of Jackson Holzer after the annual meeting of global central bank, the dollar seems to once again become "xiangbobo" due to Fed officials staged a hike in chorus coupled with the recent economic data is awesome. Today, fed vice chairman Fisher will be speaking on Bloomberg Television, which is a big event for the dollar"! There is also a big event on the Japanese side: the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy differences, the yen bull era may be over. One of the big events: the dollar or will soar Tuesday (August 30th) in the European market intraday, the dollar index rose steadily, close to the previous trading day hit a high point since last August 12th. There agency said, before the payrolls report released, the dollar may not be large-scale selling. Overseas Research Institute senior researcher Gaitame Takuya Kanda said that the upcoming U.S. payrolls report may further increase the market for the Fed’s September rate hike expectations, so before this data release, the market is difficult to large-scale dollar selling. "After the Jackson meeting, the dollar’s appreciation is very modest," said Lutz, a foreign exchange strategist at Karpowitz, a German commercial bank. "If the Fed could raise interest rates two times this year, as Fisher predicted, we would expect the dollar to be much stronger. But the market does not believe." Jackson Holzer last week at the annual meeting of global central bank, Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen and vice president Fisher in other places have issued a hawkish speech, coupled with consumer spending data released overnight, fed years Shengxi probability to further consolidate. U.S. Commerce Department data released on Monday showed that consumer spending rose for the fourth consecutive month in July, due to strong demand for cars, directed at accelerating economic growth, the Federal Reserve may pave the way for interest rates this year. In an interview with CNBC last week, was asked whether the Fed will raise interest rates at the September meeting, and by the end of the year to raise interest rates again, Fisher said, Yellen speech shows that during the year up to two times the possibility of raising interest rates. But before we see the economic data, we don’t know." In the most important non farm payrolls data released, the dollar index is expected to rise further. Traders are looking for signs that the dollar is likely to rise further against the yen, the euro and some emerging market currencies. The French bank of Paris North American head of foreign exchange strategy (Daniel Katzive) Benitez Wu said, the future will usher in a period of strong dollar period. Two of the big events: the Japanese surrender! This year, due to the global financial and economic prospects of Mengyin, turbulent, central bank policy disappointment spread, hedging has become the most dazzling yen this year G10 currency! But now things are changing. According to Peng Bo reports, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy is expected to further aggravate the differences, the first time this year, traders bullish dollar yen. Bloomberg strategist Vassilis Karamanis3相关的主题文章: