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Fake student card why it is difficult extinct scenic spot to distinguish between true and false (vid-dataload

Fake student card why it is difficult to distinguish between true and false extinct scenic spot to a passport, 25 yuan of money, you can easily do a free university stamped with the official seal of the fake student card, if more than 5 yuan out of money, you can buy a special red registration chapter, some even can be found in school. Take this card, whether it is a movie or travel, or even out of the restaurant, you can enjoy half price concessions. From this year’s eleven golden week, the reporter used to buy a fake student card to Xi’an around the popular tourist attractions and restaurants found that experience, almost all the scenic spot ticket, restaurant cashier staff are very difficult to distinguish the student card false, some attractions even student card pages do not check, fake student card to buy the Internet can muddle through all. A 25 yuan to buy a fake student card has never been found in the beginning of this year, Wang Rui (a pseudonym) accidentally in the circle of friends to see a junior high school students can apply for a student card to say, and as long as 25 yuan, to provide passport on the line, and also in the circle of friends that have their own channels can be handled directly from inside the university. To see such a cheap price can save a lot of cost, love travel, and do not want to spend more money to buy the ticket of Wang Rui, immediately made contact with the junior high school students, that they want to have a student card, "the university graduates are almost two years, early recovery of student card, but no student card go out and play tickets is really too expensive." Wang Rui sighed. Pay the money to the photos, the other half believe and half doubt about a week, Wang Rio really got a Xi’an university student card, and also help to do a good friend. In addition to seal and seal, and the three semester registration chapter, student card, the rest are all blank, junior high school classmate told her, "professional just fill, write some small school age, pick up a 10 digit number on the line." The student ID, Wang Rui wrote 3 years younger age, because of the age gap is not, the basic picture do not see the flaw, then, she is free to fill in a school, department and grade to fill in their professional University School of law, civil and commercial law professional grade 2014 class 02, so you can use the student ID card. Just get the certificate, Wang Rui heart very disturbing, fear of being found out, which did not face even more money, so she chose the Xi’an City Wall scenic area, want to try this really so false. "I was very nervous when I got to the conductor, for fear that she would ask me for an ID card or a check, but the conductor just opened it and gave me a half price ticket." The whole process is less than a minute. "The main thing is to save money, old student travel can enjoy half price concessions, do not look too much, but at least one trip can save two hundred or three hundred yuan." Wang Ruitan said, if in Xi’an surrounding tourism, Terracotta Army adult needs 150 yuan, the scenic area full price ticket 54 yuan, Huashan scenic tickets 180 yuan, only the three scenic spots, a line down can save nearly 200 yuan of money for student card. Wang Rui also told reporters that his trial this fake student with half the time, whether it is travel or eat, have never been made general相关的主题文章: