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Every frame can be wallpaper! Picture does not lose your name. Animated film-519697

Every frame can be wallpaper! Picture does not lose your name. "If the animation film industry this year, the biggest suspense, then perhaps is your name. What will be the box office? This works in addition to the story of impeccable, as in the past the delicate painting also attract it all reasons. However, this work is not the only painting a delicate work, so the Japanese media recently selected the screen does not lose to your name. "Animated film". – "five centimeters per second" which is directed to theaters Makoto Shinkai published third works. The story is divided into "cherry blossoms," "astronaut" and "second speed five cm," the three short, and each of the short stories of the United States to the beauty of suffocation. At the same time, the detailed description of the scenery in addition to look good, it seems that the protagonist also hinted at changes in mood, which is deeply touched the hearts of the audience. The "AIR" theatrical works, young Chinese people to march in a seaside town, met called air girl. And around the young and young girls, a wonderful story unfolding. This work is very suitable for the characterization of the town, it should be said that the landscape has played a role in meeting the sad story, so deeply touched the audience. Although the feeling is always a sunny day in summer, but I do not know why, what seems to imply the haze. "No name" – theater version 6 young girl, in the primary school period is a very good friend. But, because of the accident, one of the girls, who was called the bud, died, and the others began to become estranged. But because of the reappearance of the ghost, they began to find the fetters. And it seems to be in order to render the relationship between the plot, the works are often beautiful sky and colorful natural landscape, memorable. Why – "" 2 beautiful dream boy hero of a pedestrian Fuxing not repeatedly cycle on the day before the school day. When they realize that things are not right, in order to return to the original time and space, began to work hard. The most impressive part of the work is the deserted scene of the town. This picture also makes us can not help but shock. The "sky city" which can be said to have reached the national level of the animation, and Hayao Miyazaki’s works. It should be said that the scenery is very good Ghibli works, but it works in the protagonist’s home, valley scenery, underground magical landscape, the dragon’s lair, leisurely courtyard…… There are so many sights that we can remember, so we can’t call it a masterpiece. The "new century rebuild of Evangelion: break" this work is a story of the world came under attack, the natural ecological collapse of the earth for the stage. Although in the original TV animation, we also see the scenery of the new world, but "broken" which will further sublimation. Show a blue sea in which there is still a blue cleaning facilities. After entering the facility, the hero and his party seem to have come to the aquarium, the scenery in the facility looks very beautiful, but it makes people feel very sad. The "summer wars" this is Akari Hosoda Mori’s third full-length animation movie. There is a virtual world named OZ in the work, and the protagonist is in charge of the world相关的主题文章: