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Internet-and-Business-Online There are free software programs that anyone can access and use to find this information. Good Keywords is one such program. I would go so far as to say I wouldnt even go any further with your Internet home business plans until you have explored the information waiting for you at Good Keywords. Why am I so obsessed with this piece of free software? Firstly I have a passion for free effective Internet business tools. I believe that the average person on the street can succeed in creating a successful Internet home business if they become aware of the right way to go about it. This isnt to say that there is only one right way. Im just pointing out that if you have very limited financial resources it should not stop you succeeding in business on the Internet. Good Keywords will instantly provide you with extremely important pieces of information. The first thing you need to consider when starting your new business is the product or service you will be promoting. You need to know that there is an actual market on the Internet for the product or service you have in mind. You may be in for a shock but you need to be fully aware of supply and demand before you go any further. For this article I will use the example of home made soap. You’ve been invloved with making your own soap for a while now. It started as a bit of an interest then it became your hobby. Its lovely on the skin and made of all natural ingredients. It smells great. It looks great. You’ve been giving it to friends and family as birthday presents but you now have too much of it.You made a beautiful packaging for it. The local gift shop has agreed to sell your excess stock. You live in a small town and there arent that many tourists coming through a lot of the time. You sell a few bars to locals. Sales are steady but youd really love to hit the big time. You decide to look at the Internet as a vehicle to sell your product. You download your Good Keywords free software and type in the words home made soap. To your shock you find on Overture US only 199 people typed in these words. You use this information to do a quick search in one of the popular search engines. You type in the search words home made soap and to your horror you find there are 20,600,00 websites that will be competing with you for the top places for these search words. How on earth is any one of those 199 people going to find you amongst all those sites? Good Keywords will also give you a lot of related words that you can consider. For example 5,609 people in the last month searched for natural soap. Your search engine search tells you there are 22,400,000 sites for this search term. Even so you already know that your chances of having someone find your site look a bit better if you choose the keywords natural soap instead of home made soap. These are still massive numbers. You may even be starting to think the situation is hopeless. It may or may not be. You may be starting to think about selling other things to do with soap. You type in soap making as your key word and you find 16,237 people searched for this last month. Your search engine check shows you there are 46,100,000 sites. These are still huge numbers but they appear on the surface to be getting better. At least the number of people searching for your keywords is improving. You try the keyword soap making supply. This reveals to you that 3,518 people searched for this term. Your search engine results confirm a massive 11,700,000 sites are present. You will need to use your imagination and continue your research at this stage. Lets say you have decided on your 3 top keywords. You have decided to go with soap making, natural soap and soap making supplies. You have had a bit of a rethink about the kind of business youll be and youve decided you will sell your own lovely soaps and be a supplier of things people will want to buy to make their own soap. It really doesnt matter what your product or service is you still need to be informed about basics of supply and demand. The selection of your keywords is a very important task. These words will form the basis of your future domain name and the name you choose for your website. Do not underestimate the importance of this first step. This is only the beginning of your journey but at least you are starting your business on the right foot. Your eyes are open and you havent wasted any money. You are fully aware that the competition is huge. You are either going to give up at this point or get excited and take up the challenge of creating your very own successful Internet home business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: