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Empathy he did not find a friend of the moment-kasey chase

Empathy: "he did not find friends" as a flash animation house, we are always lonely, although most of the time in the animation feel themselves will be able to continue, but occasionally aware of their friends and not feel lonely. In September 22nd, Japan announced the "feel that they do not have friends of the 5 moments" results. We have suddenly felt very lonely in their own time, although it has not been bullied by anyone, and did not deliberately excluded. But in the classroom to see the students into a group of hot, only their own quiet sitting on the seat, this feeling is very obvious. This time, the Japanese media announced the college students do not feel the moment of a friend, the results of the survey: 1 of us around the time to chat together, when you can not catch up." "No way to insert the words when they feel rejected." "When you disagree with them." "When they don’t listen to me," the 2 friends who play together rarely "want to go out to play, but they don’t have an easy time."." "Rarely invited." "If a friend doesn’t take a vacation, no one else does." 3 there is no scheduled time when there is no scheduled trip, suddenly felt lonely." "Friends are enjoying the summer vacation, but their leisure is empty." "The schedule is empty." 4 there is no way to insert between two people, feel a strong sense of alienation." "Sitting on the two hot chat in front of the car, the driver did not go back to see behind, nor to the front passenger seat only talk to the driver. Not to look at the feeling of alienation." 5 look at the social networking site, every day to see Terry push those people have fun." "Twitter’s contacts are almost none." "Look at the photos of the people playing together." In addition, there are other popular comments: "has been playing very good friends, there is no other people when i." When a person eats." "WeChat (line) two weeks have no information." There are a lot of people in the club, but no one talks to me." Small partners feel like? Who have had this time, WeChat and QQ have no one to talk, see Post Bar post talk fiery, micro-blog did not pay attention to several objects…… In modern society, the convenience of the tool will also bring harm, perhaps people do not know how to communicate in real life. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: