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Drops according to the new regulations about the car about the driver of the audit clearance xpphone

According to the network about cars are pieces of new regulations on the pilot audit cleaning [TechWeb] drops travel reports September 11th news, September 9th, the Ministry of transport announced the "new car as a taxi network about supporting policies and regulations" management of taxi driver qualification and "cruising taxi business service management regulations". The new regulations clearly, from October 1st onwards, the driver engaged in the network about car service needs to participate in the national and local two examinations. New regulations landing, the impact of the company was more obvious drops. Drops travel said, according to the new requirements of the network about the car, the driver access to audit and clean up. At the same time, also hope to be able to be more innovative network about the car driver examination, such as the Internet platform with the driver to push the training content, carry out online examination, not only to meet the needs of management, and can provide convenience for the network about the car driver. According to the "Regulations", if the taxi driver, including the network about the car driver, has no qualification certificate or qualification certificate beyond the approved scope of business activities, is likely to face more than 10 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan fine. For the problem of illegal passengers are more concerned about the new provisions of the rules of the adjustment for the taxi 8 categories of violations, and impose a 200 yuan fine of 2000 yuan, the specific behavior are: specific behavior rejection, bargaining, or intentional detour way Shuaike; without the consent of passengers carrying passengers not in accordance with the provisions; use odometer equipment, illegal charges; not in accordance with the provisions of the bill issued by the appropriate fare; do not carry road transport permits, in accordance with the provisions of the qualification certificate; not in accordance with the provisions of the use of cruise taxi related equipment; accept the cruising taxi call task did not fulfill the agreement; do not use civilized language in accordance with the provisions of the capacity of the vehicle does not meet the requirements of the appearance of the car. The new regulations on the contents of the car driver test network to do the utmost to simplify the registration and cancellation of the company through the platform to the issuing authority of the location of the taxi administrative departments to prepare to complete. (Zhou Xiaobai)相关的主题文章: