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Double eleven buy buy First price and then discount nine routines to pay attention to-face gossip

Double eleven buy buy? First and then discount price of nine kinds of routines should pay attention to Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Niu Siyuan Zhang Yuzhe) "double 11" is approaching, businesses marketing war intensified, regulators also strengthen the supervision work in a timely manner. In November 2nd, the Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission learned that the day before has issued a notice, make price tips for operators, associations and consumers, will focus on preventing the illegal behavior of original fiction, false preferential discount price. Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that operators selling goods online and offline and provision of services shall be clearly marked consciously in accordance with the law, norms, promotion, price discount, gifts and other promotional price behavior. The price should be true and clear, clear and eye-catching, price changes should be adjusted in a timely manner. Not outside the increase in the price of goods sold, shall not charge any fees not specified. It is worth noting that the provincial development and Reform Commission emphasized that prohibit the use of false or misleading price or price means to deceive and induce consumers to trade, the key to prevent the emergence of original fiction, false preferential discounts and other nine categories of illegal price behaviors. Provincial Development and Reform Commission requirements, the third party network trading platform and store operators to provide trading venues should strengthen compliance with the rules of the auction price and promotion rules. The electricity supplier Association and the chain of business associations to strengthen communication and contact with the industry, pay close attention to the dynamics of the industry price behavior, guidance and supervision of the industry to do self-discipline. Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said the price departments at all levels should promptly stop and investigate all kinds of price violations according to law, in a timely manner to receive complaints from the masses of the price. The masses of the alleged illegal price problem, once verified, will be based on the "People’s Republic of China price law", "the price of illegal administrative penalties" to make a deal. Key links to prevent the emergence of nine types of price violations 1. Fictitious original price. The price marked promotional activities are false, false, not before the promotion within seven days of trading places the lowest trading price, or have transaction records. New products to carry out promotional activities, the use of "original price", "original price", "transaction price" and other similar concepts; 2. False discount. Operators in the promotional activities, "the first price and then discount", marking the price before the discount or through the actual transaction price and discount rate calculated before the discount price higher than the original price; 3. Claimed that the "special offer" clearing price and the lowest of the whole network "and" market price "and" price "and" zero profit "and" loss sale ", but the price that is not true and accurate, no basis or no comparison; 4. The use of "only today," "today’s ex gratia", "tomorrow price" and other false language or other deceptive, misleading language, words, pictures and other price, induce customers to buy; 5. When purchasing, selling goods and providing services with price attached conditions, the additional conditions are not marked or clearly marked; 6. If the sales promotion activities are carried out by means of price comparison with other operators or other sales formats, the meaning of the comparative price has not been accurately indicated or the source of the comparative price has no basis; 7. Take the price of the gift.相关的主题文章: