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UnCategorized You’ve been working in the same office for two years and yet you still have no idea of the name is of the guy in accounts or the lady on reception. Sound familiar? It’s amazing how we can work with so many people on a daily basis and still know so little about them. Head down and working hard, we can often forget that our colleagues have another life outside of work. Team building activities are an excellent way to over.e this and encourage employees to bond. By strengthening relationships out of work, relationships within the workplace will also improve and as a result, are more likely to generate a more productive, enjoyable working environment. Before you organise your team building event, you will need to think about the specific objectives you want to achieve from the whole experience. These are likely to depend on the nature of your business however may include increasing .munication, enhancing leadership skills, breaking down barriers between colleagues, encouraging creative thinking and time management and even boosting morale within the workplace. The nature of the events themselves will vary depending on what you are after however they should be based in .fortable and enjoyable environments and never set out to make people feel un.fortable or embarrassed. The whole idea is to create positive thinking and lift people’s spirits. Team building should encourage supportive encouragement between team members and promote healthy .petition. One of the most popular forms of team building is to relish in the great outdoors. Given that many of us work inside, often behind a .puter screen or in a .pact office, having the chance to enjoy some time out in the fresh air is a great way to motivate, invigorate and build team spirit. Any activity that encourages healthy living is beneficial, and supporting employees to get up from their desks and get active is a great way to help blow away a few of works stresses, even if it’s just for a few hours. Some excellent options for outdoor team building include clay shooting, archery, assault courses, quad biking or 4×4 driving. It’s important to think of an activity that will appeal to all team members, of both genders and all ages. Choosing an activity that will isolate team members simply contradicts the whole point of the exercise. Perhaps you budget doesn’t quite allow for taking the entire team out on an adventure activity; however that doesn’t mean you can’t still get involved. There are many different challenging team building games that you can take part in, even from your own office. Book the board room, order some drinks and nibbles and get your team involved in some lateral thinking games. This will help to promote determination, team work, creativity and problem solving in a relaxed and fun environment. Teams can be split up throughout the day to encourage sociability and could include quizzes and game-shows based on famous TV programmes such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Family Fortunes for example. A great idea for encouraging team work and creativity is to organise an event similar to The Apprentice, where you spilt the team in to a number of small groups and give them all a task to .plete. You may give them a budget and a theoretical event to organise and leave them to work together to see who .e up with the best ideas. Team building is an excellent way to create positivity in the workplace, improve productivity and generally boost .pany morale, whatever your budget, premise size or nature of your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: