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Holidays Dress your little girl like a real princess and she would relive all her favorite Disney moments. With this exclusive range of Disney princess costumes, it’s not hard to bring a smile on your little princesses face. One of the more popular designs in the Disney princess costumes range is the Toddler/Child Prestige Snow White Costume. This lovely costume .es with a stunning dress with a petticoat attached. It also has beautiful and unique glittering character art, a character cameo and also a cape that is detachable. What is more is that you also get a matching character bow headband. Since this is an officially licensed Disney costume you can be assured of the quality. ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall’isn’t this dress the best of them all?’ Giving the Snow White costume a stiff .petition is the Toddler/Child Prestige Cinderalla Costume. Your child will truly be the ‘belle of the ball’ with this beautiful creation. This costume set .es with a pretty blue and silver dress, attached petticoat, woven silver accents, unique glittered character art, a matching character cameo, a headpiece, and a lovely choker .You don’t need a fairy godmother to look your best in this creation. If you aren’t impressed already here’s more. The next costume .es straight out of the Disney hit ‘Aladdin’. The child Jasmine Costume-prestige Storybook princess doesn’t disappoint at all. It .es with full leg pants .bined with glittered character art, a top with character cameo and a bejeweled headpiece which totally sets the Arabian Nights theme. Now all that your little princess Jasmine needs is a flying carpet. Inspired by the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’, .es this beautiful costume for your tiny dancer. An officially licensed Disney Princess Belle costume is the perfect get up for your little one. Give her a memorable ballet recital even if it’s in your own living room. The child Ballerina Belle Costume .es with a pretty ballerina styled dress that has woven gold accents, a sparkle overlay and a character cameo. Make your little daughter relive the adventures of the deep blue sea with Disney’s adventures of the Little Mermaid Costume. This Child Ariel Costume includes a really sweet mermaid-like dress with sparkle overlays and the matching character cameo. This is an officially licensed Disney Princess Ariel Costume, so you can expect the essence of classic Disney moments to be.e a part of your memorable moments. Recreate Disney’s newest addition to its list of princesses with the Child Deluxe Princess Tiana Costume. The costume is a beautifully done dress with a layered skirt, an attached character cameo and the matching tiara headpiece that helps create those special moments for you and your child to cherish. The costume is an officially licensed Disney Princess Tiana costume, from "The Princess and the Frog". The above mentioned princess costumes are available in various sizes for toddlers and adults. Play your favorite Disney princess character to the hilt with these original Disney costumes and be.e a part of the Disney Royalty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: