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Dalian, a red car hit and run early in the morning-www.11aabb.com

Dalian morning red truck accident 26 at 1 pm, Ganjingzi District spring area P4 No. 8 side parking 4 cars hit, car damage is heavy. The owner said that witnesses saw a red car caused by the impact of the truck, the truck driver to get off the car after driving to see the left, has not yet found the driver. 28, 9 am, the reporter came to the scene to see, the location of the incident is located in the area outside the road side, a total of four vehicles damaged in varying degrees. Mr. Pan of the modern SUV front lamp cover is damaged, bumper was damaged organs. Mr. Cui’s Mazda car front bumper off on the ground, the light damaged wing. Mr. Han’s southeast car knocked flat face. Southeast sedan rear end and a Buick sedan touch, have car damage. Three of the owners said that the three tank car is smashed, cannot drive away. Mr. Ban told reporters, more than 1 at 26 am, he received a call from neighbors said he was parked on the side of the road car, I quickly went downstairs to see, to see the car damage is very serious, the next few cars have been damaged, the vehicle fled." But Mr. Cui and Mr. Han is at work in the morning and found the vehicle was hit. A neighbor said, is a red car hit the front, the driver also got off the car, and then returned to the car to escape." Mr. Pan said. "Crash repair finished chanting, escape the nature changed. It’s so damn damn damn it." Mr. Choi said. After the incident, several owners have to go to the traffic police team to the police, "police said let us keep the site, do not repair. But the driver has not caught." Mr. Pan said. The situation is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: