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Cui Yongyuan talk about depression how to get rid of depression, Cui Yongyuan talk about depression, how to get rid of depression? Actor Qiao Renliang died because of depression Dutch act caused concern, Cui Yongyuan said that depression is not a shameful disease. Cui Yongyuan talk about depression, so how to get rid of depression? Let’s take a look at it. Cui Yongyuan on the evening of September 16th actor Qiao Renliang died of depression, caused a storm of public opinion. In September 17th, the agent said through the media that Qiao Renliang had committed suicide because of depression, and revealed some of his illness. In this regard, he also suffered depression plagued Cui Yongyuan, online bursts of text sharing depression experience. He said: "as some unfortunate people who have suffered from depression have died, depression has become a public familiar term. But in the public communication, depression and suicide are too closely linked, in fact, depression is not equal to suicide. Although some patients with severe depression with suicidal tendencies, but also in the medical and psychological treatment to the first line of life and death struggle with vigorous strides. In the battle of life and death, the patient, the doctor and relatives colleagues are able to play an active role in holding the balance, only spectators crowd booing, have harm. Depression was going to desperate chance is not high than the lottery. Take it easy, believe me, when you get rid of the patient to return to the arena, you are a hero." For himself to confirm depression, he said, "the correct answer is: you can’t be sure, it’s a professional doctor’s dish.". All right. So when should I go to the doctor? Alas…… In fact, seeing psychologists is common and common in developed countries. Well, when you get into a lot of anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, you’re not interested in anything, and you don’t want to socialize…… And you go shopping, travel, drink a little wine does not work, go to the doctor." Finally, Cui Yongyuan said, "there is always a poetic saying:" depression is a heart cold. ". In fact, the disease is sick, which is so romantic. Treatment of depression and other diseases are as follows: one is to admit the disease, two is to find a good doctor, three is to cooperate with treatment, four is to prevent recurrence. My personal experience is that the public awareness of depression disorders is too small, and the qualified doctors are severely inadequate." Cui Yongyuan talked about how to get rid of depression in patients with depression often pessimistic, loss, lack of interest in things such as performance, serious when can also be so suicidal tendencies, which seriously affect the quality of life and health of patients in long-term depression can not extricate themselves, endless pain. So how to get rid of depression? Take a look. How to get rid of depression to get out of the shadow of depression, try to do so: 1, do not give yourself up too high goals to objectively understand their situation, face their own illness, don’t give yourself too much pressure, don’t take too much of the transaction, but not all. 2, can be a big and complicated work reasonably divided into several small parts, according to the order of priority, and gradually completed; do not try to avoid failure, and heart grey.

崔永元谈抑郁症 如何摆脱抑郁症   崔永元谈抑郁症,如何摆脱抑郁症?男星乔任梁因抑郁症自杀去世引发关注,崔永元表示抑郁症并非是一种见不得人的病。崔永元谈抑郁症,那么如何摆脱抑郁症?下面一起来看看吧。   崔永元谈抑郁症   9月16日晚男星乔任梁去世,引发舆论一阵哗然。9月17日经纪人通过媒体表示,透露了乔任梁是因抑郁症自杀去世,并透露了一些他的相关病情。对此,自己也曾经饱受抑郁症困扰的崔永元,在网上连发数文分享抑郁症心得。   他表示:“随着一些身患抑郁症的公众人物的不幸逝去,抑郁症成为公众熟悉的名词。但在公众传播时,抑郁症和自杀联系得过于密切,其实,抑郁症并不等于自杀。尽管有些重度抑郁症患者有自杀倾向,但医学和心理治疗也在大步流星奔赴生死搏斗的第一线。在生与死的较量中,患者本人,医生,亲人同事伙伴都能够起着举足轻重的积极作用,唯看客心态的围观起哄,有百害而无一益。得抑郁症就要走向绝望的几率,并不比中彩高。既来之则安之,相信我,当你摆脱病患重返江湖时,你还是条好汉。”   对于自己如何确认抑郁症,他说:“正确的答案是:你确定不了,那是专业医生的菜。好吧,那我什么时候去找医生?唉……其实去看心理医生在发达国家很常见也很普通。这样吧,当你长时间陷入焦虑、失眠、没有胃口、对任何事情都提不起兴趣、不愿见人社交……而且你购物、旅游、喝小酒都不起作用时,去看医生吧。”   最后,崔永元说:“总有人诗意盎然地说:抑郁症就是一次心灵感冒。其实,得病就是得病,哪有那么浪漫。治疗抑郁症和治疗其他病无异:一是承认有病,二是寻个好大夫,三是配合治疗,四是防止复发。我个人的经验是,有关抑郁症病症的一些常识公众知道太少,合格的医生也严重不足。”   崔永元谈抑郁症 如何摆脱抑郁症   抑郁症患者通常会有悲观、失落、对事物缺乏兴趣等表现,严重时还可因此而产生自杀倾向,严重影响生活质量和身体健康,患者长期处于抑郁症的阴影中不能自拔,痛苦不已。那么如何摆脱抑郁症?一起来看看。   如何摆脱抑郁症   患者要走出抑郁症的阴影,不妨试着这样做:   1、切忌给自己制订过高的目标,要客观地认识自己的现状,正视自己的病情,不要再给自己过多的压力,不要承担过多的事务,更不能大包大揽。   2、可以将一件大的、繁杂的工作合理地分割成若干小部分,根据轻重缓急,逐步完成;做力所能及的事,不逞能,避免因失败而心灰意冷。   3、尝试着多与他人接触和交往,不要单枪匹马、独来独往。   4、尽量多参加一些社会活动,如参观、访问、演讲等等;循序渐进地进行体育锻炼;多看看轻松幽默的电影、电视或书籍,多听听音乐。根据兴趣爱好而定,切忌因为做事而做事。   5、保持心态平和,不要急躁,坦然地面对自己的病情。   6、患者在没有与重要知情人商量之前,尽量不要做出调换工作、离婚、远行等重大的决定。   7、把自己的感受写出来或者说出来,然后分析、认识它,直至摆脱它。   免责声明:本文系转载自网络,发布本文为传递更多信息之用,其原创性以及文中陈述文字和内容未经本站证实,对本文以及其中全部或者部分内容、文字的真实性、完整性、及时性本站不作任何保证或承诺,请读者仅作参考,并请自行核实相关内容。相关的主题文章: