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Cotton market in the future is difficult to stand up-nlite

Cotton market in the future is difficult to stand up? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! With all the progress of cotton picking up, the new cotton market volume increased gradually, seasonal pressure coming, domestic cotton and cotton price side face fell, and the downstream market demand of domestic cotton in the side is not ideal, double the stock before the end, the related sales manufacturers lack of confidence in the market outlook, purchasing enthusiasm is not high, the current price of vice cotton and cotton in most parts of the country steady fall trend. In recent years, sold around the seed cotton picking was gradually increased, the enthusiasm of ginning factory also increased, the new cotton supply increases, the cottonseed quotation is difficult to maintain high before, and then gradually decline, Shandong and the mainland of Hebei local area recently gradually increase in cottonseed yield, price is down 0.03-0.04 on Friday Jin Yuan, Xinjiang prices than last Friday down 0.01 yuan catty about the mainland due to local supply is still insufficient, most manufacturers purchase Xinjiang cottonseed processing. With the coming of the new production season, there are still individual manufacturers continue to wait and see, waiting for cottonseed prices fell again, a large number of procurement, so there is still room for late cottonseed prices fall. Recently, North and south areas of three cottonseed oil prices maintain line at 6100-6300 yuan per ton, Xinjiang cottonseed oil prices maintain line at 5680-5700 yuan per ton, local fluctuations in 50-150 yuan Jin, in the new season is coming and cottonseed oil supply gradually improved under the pressure of cottonseed oil prices strong trend is obviously insufficient, and cottonseed prices weak. The whole cotton by-products difficult to very price. The mainland and Xinjiang area and individual plant to wait for cottonseed large market, prices fell again after a large number of procurement. Nearly two months of soybean imports to Hong Kong small amount, September soybean oil plant operation rate will be significantly decreased, and the high price of palm oil stocks are more tense market coupled with the new cotton, cottonseed prices still Huojin, cottonseed oil factory is still mostly wait-and-see stop, cottonseed oil limited supply, inventory to years have greatly declined. The local refineries tentative improve cottonseed oil price, but the soybean yield pressure still, and the current oil demand will usher in the festival stage of the off-season, bulk oil prices are weak, with the recently listed cottonseed gradually increase, the new cotton market volume will increase, and the current of cottonseed oil and soybean oil price is too small, buyers are still cautious, coupled with the implementation of the new regulations after the increase in freight 2-3, Xinjiang Xinjiang cotton greater pressure, individual high price of cotton oil today still in the fall, short-term is expected to steady or narrow fluctuations of cottonseed oil. But because of cottonseed oil and soybean oil price is too small, it is expected that the new cotton after a large number of listed, such as to regain market share, cottonseed oil prices or still need to moderate downward correction, the operation need to be cautious, buyers wait-and-see appropriate suspense. It is understood that the northern and southern areas recently 46% protein cottonseed factory price in 3100-3250 yuan per ton, 50% protein cottonseed ex factory price concentrated in 3300-3350 yuan per ton, Xinjiang producing 42% protein cottonseed factory price concentrated in 2600-26 theory相关的主题文章: