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Business Every corporate organization has to abide certain ethical rules, regulations, laws, as well as corporate norms set by the government. One such rule is the corporate self-regulation, or the corporate social responsibility (CSR). Every corporate organization has a responsibility towards the society, the environment and the whole biology and through CSR, it is ensured that the organization embraces responsibility and has a positive impact on consumers, employees, stakeholders, the environment and any other public sphere that it affects. Varied corporate social responsibility endeavours Time and again, corporate organizations carry out what is termed as corporate philanthropy, wherein they make monetary donations to NGO, social organizations or to individuals and families in need of monetary help. This way, organizations help and aid in the sustainable growth of individuals and .munities. Apart from this, many corporate organizations keep a check on their carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary use and waste of paper, disposing of the waste without harming the environment in any way, recycling and reusing resources as much as possible, etc. Sharing privileges that are a luxury for many that is the motto of corporate social responsibility activities. By distributing lunch for a group of orphans, adopting bright, but financially weak students, educating .munities on how they can uplift their standard of living, and through many such activities, many corporate .anizations are actively trying to bring a positive change in the world around us. There is no question about how important it is for any .anization to have a strong sense of responsibility, so that it can actively contribute towards building a better and robust ecosystem- beneficial not just for the underprivileged, but for the society as a whole. Merging team work with social responsibility A strong sense of social responsibility fuels corporate growth. And a good, co-operative team directs an .anization towards success. So why not bring these together and let one activity fulfil the other? Training programs that involve corporate social responsibility are a good way of letting the team recognize their potential and touch a few lives in the process. The Velocipede challenge is an interesting way of engaging the whole team for a team building exercise, and bringing a smile on the faces of underprivileged children. In this challenge, the entire employee population is divided into groups. Through different activities, they have to earn various parts that will be joined to create bicycles! Yes, thats right. One makes real bicycles in this corporate training program. With this exciting corporate social responsibility activity , the teams learn how to act together, think collectively and create something wherein each team member has to get involved and contribute. The reason this corporate training program is also a corporate social responsibility activity is because the bicycles created are distributed amongst children from poor families, who do not even know what it is like to have that first bike! Corporate training programs are a helpful medium of boosting not only team spirit, but a sense of being a global citizen and contributing our bit as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: